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Pet Beds For Cats

Pet Beds For Cats

Pet Beds For Cats

Are you thinking about getting new Pet Beds for Cats? If you want to pick the best let bed for your cat or dog, then you’ll need to understand what their requirements are. What does your pet want from their bed? To better understand this, you’ll need to observe your pet’s behaviors.

Look out for what their favorite positions to sleep in are, as well as the kind of places they like to sleep in. The temperament as well as the personality of your pet is also important when it comes to choosing a pet bed for them. Avoid going for pet beds that you like over what your pet likes. This way you could end up with a new pet bed that your pet refuses to use.

What Should You Consider When Buying A Pet Bed?

This is what you should consider when bringing home a new pet bed:

  • Activity: If your pet cat or dog loves to go out and get dirty, you may need a pet bed that you can easily wash.
  • Roughness: Does your pet like to play rough? Do they scratch different surfaces? If they do, then you may need a pet bed that’s more durable.
  • Weather: If you live in a cooler climate, then heated dog beds can be a great option for you.
  • Temperament: A pet that is more anxious can engage in behaviors like nesting, burrowing as well as cuddling. Giving them a pet bed they can settle down in would be a great idea.
  • Age: If your pet is older, they may need a pet bed that is more supportive. This will help them feel better their aching joints, should they have them.
  • Size: If your dog is large sized, then you’ll need a large enough bed to house them in. Some cats can also grow to be somewhat large, so ensure that you don’t end up buying a bed that’s too small for your pet.

Different Types of Pet Beds to Choose From:

Here are five different types of pet beds that you can buy for your cat or dog:

1. Heated Pet Beds

If you live in a climate that is cooler, then consider buying a heated pet bed for your furry family member. A heated pet bed can also be suitable for a dog who likes to spend time outside in their own doghouse.

Heated dog beds generally work in one of two ways. The heat is either self generated, or powered by electricity. The heated pet beds that come with heating pads, will need to be plugged in. If your pet enjoys chewing, then avoid the kind of heated pet beds with electricity units.

2. Wooden Pet Bed

People who want to buy a wooden pet bed are often more focused on the framing of the bed. This framing is considered more important than the quality of the wood that goes into making the bed itself. Even if you get a wooden pet bed, you’ll need to provide an inner pad or a mattress as well. This will ensure that your cat or dog has a pleasant and comfortable time, while sleeping in their pet bed.

There are many people who opt for style when it comes to wooden pet beds. They prefer a design that is more elegant. You should also note that cleaning a wooden pet bed can be more difficult than cleaning a standard pet bed. A wooden pet bed is also not suitable for puppies, especially should they enjoy chewing.

3. Pet Beds That Are Waterproof

Waterproof beds for cats and dogs are more common among owners who are still house training their pet. It is also ideally suited for older pets, should they have become incontinent. Most waterproof pet beds are designed to have an outer layer of fabric, as well as a zipper cover. This zipper cover van be removed easily, and then cleaned in the washing machine.

4. Orthopedic Pet Beds

Orthopedic beds provide optimal support as well as comfort to pets. Whether you get a cat bed or a dog bed, an orthopedic bed is ideal for older pets. These kinds of pet beds are better than memory foam pet beds, as they provide stiff support to pets. Orthopedic beds also tend to be made of both memory foam as well as support foam.

If your pet has a bone structure that is prominent, then this kind of a pet bed may suit them as well.

5. Mattress Pet Beds

These are rectangular shaped pet beds, that can be customized to meet the dimensions of your pet’s crate. This is a simple design that’s ideal for owners who want a no-frills simple pet bed.

Materials Used To Make Pet Beds

Here are some of the materials that are used to make pet beds:

  • Polyester: Also known as polyfill, this is a popular filling choice for pet beds.
  • Recycled Materials: There are pet beds that are made out if materials that are recycled, such as shredded plastics.
  • Shredded Foam: These are of lesser quality than pet beds made of memory foam. But they can still be comfortable for pets.
  • Gel Foam: This is a special kind of foam that has properties associated with cooling. Pet beds made of gel foam can provide comfort to pets.
  • Memory Foam: Ideally, look for memory foam mixed with layers of support. This provides the ultimate comfort to your pet.
  • Cedar Chips: Beds made of cedar chips aren’t always comfortable. But they can be ideal for pets who are stinky, as the chips help to combat the odor.

Styles And Designs Of Beds

There are different styles and designs available to you, whether you want to get a cat bed or a dog bed. Once you’ve selected what you want the base material to be, such as memory foam. Then, you can choose between all the different styles and options available to you.

1. Pet Beds For Cats

Cat beds tend to be smaller than dog beds. However, some can be too small as well, so note what your cat’s size is, before buying a cat bed. Monitor your cat to better understand their sleeping style. Then, bring home a cat bed that you think they would love to use.

2. Dog Beds

You’ll have a larger range of sizes available to you, when it comes to dog beds. First understand what your dogs needs are. Do they enjoy sleeping in their dog house, or inside your home? Where do they sleep? What kind of places do they like to sleep in? Use this information to choose the best dog bed for them.


From different fillings to different designs, there is a broad range of pet beds available for your dog or cat. Use this guide to learn more about what kind of pet bed would suit your pet.