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Pet Care and Pet Hygiene

Pet Care and Pet Hygiene

Pet care and pet hygiene is not just about having fun with your animal. You have a great responsibility as a pet parent. You need to take care of the pet properly. Pet health and hygiene is your responsibility and you need to do everything possible to keep your pet healthy.

Taking care of pet health is not all that difficult. There are many pet health products that you can use to ensure dog health. Similarly, pet hygiene products will help you ensure proper hygiene in your home. This guide tells you about various health and hygiene products you can use.

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Tips for Pet Care and Pet Hygiene


Here are some useful tips that will help you ensure your Pet care and pet hygiene is maintained:

  • Once you are done playing with your pet or handling it, wash your hands. Every time you or your family members come in contact with your pet wash your hands with soap to maintain proper hygiene.
  • If you have a cat, then you have kept a litter box for its use. This box needs to be cleaned every single day. Cat faeces can contain highly dangerous microorganisms. To prevent health problems, clean the litter box daily.
  • Just as you clean your plates and cups, do the same for your pet. The bowls you use to serve food and water for your pets need to be clean. Wash them with soap to get rid of bacteria that can accumulate quickly.
  • Ensure pet food is stored properly. Don’t leave them in the open as they can get contaminated. Store dry food in airtight containers and prevent moisture from entering as it can cause bacterial growth.
  • Pet hair can drop on the carpets and rugs. Vacuum regularly to remove these hairs as they can cause allergies for some people.
  • If you are giving your pet toys to play, then wash them regularly with soap.
  • Use commercial products for pet health and hygiene. These products are safe for use on your pets and makes your work easy. They help you to keep your pets healthy while keeping the surroundings hygienic.


Products for Pet care and Pet hygiene

1. Pet Care and Pet Hygiene Whelping pads

 Puppies after birth do not have control over their bladder. They may need up to 12 weeks to get proper bladder control, so you can start toilet training. Until then, things can be messy, and you may have to spend a lot of time cleaning up. Using whelping puppy pads can be helpful. These pads are super absorbent. Keep them in the whelping box, and you don’t have to worry about hygiene. Other than pads, you can also consider getting a whelping roll. This contains medical grade roll paper that you can use to maintain whelping hygiene.

2. Flea Spray

Fleas are a major problem that affects your pet. Fleas can make your pet weak and even expose them to various diseases. A flea infestation can create havoc in your home. Avoid this by using a flea spray. The spray will help you control fleas and ticks better. Apart from destroying fleas, they also destroy the eggs and larvae making it a highly useful product.

 3. Cleaning and disinfectant sprays

Cleaning the mess made by pets can be a tough job. Disinfecting is an important hygiene requirement. Not doing so can allow harmful bacteria to grow that can cause problems for your pets. You can use a cleaning and disinfectant spray to ensure hygiene. The spray has special bacteria that break down substances that cause odor and stains. This is a very useful product for pet owners.

4. House trainer

When you are house training or toilet training your kitten or pup, then a house trainer product will be useful. The product comes in the form of drops that help your kitten or puppy to know where to do its business. Place a few drops in the area designated for toilet training. The kit/pup will smell the solution and do its business there. It helps speed up the toilet training process.

5. Tear Stain remover

Tear stains are common for both cats and dogs. While grooming your pet, make sure to remove the tear stains to ensure pet health. A tear stain remover contains a solution that is safe and helps to remove tear stains. Apply to a cotton ball and use it to remove all stains. You pet now looks better and feels better.

6. Pet Bed Wash

You need to wash pet bedding regularly. Apart from urine and faeces, pet hair and an assortment of microorganisms would be present in the bedding. You need a special solution that disinfects the bedding and also clean it well. A pet bed wash solution would contain natural detergent and steriliser that cleans and disinfects the bedding.

7. Pet Care and Pet Hygiene Odor Kill

Where there are pets, you are likely to have a variety of odors. These odors are caused by urine and by bacteria that live on your pets. Keep your home hygienic and smelling nice by getting rid of the odors. An Odor Kill spray can completely remove these smells. Use them in all places frequented by your pet.

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8. Disinfectant cleaner

Apart from disinfecting bedding, you should disinfect your entire home frequently. This ensures proper hygiene and prevents any kind of health problems. Use an animal disinfectant solution that works as a high level surface disinfectant. Such a solution would be effective against bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

9. Bio Safe

If you prefer organic products, then you can consider Bio safe that is manufactured using organic substances like essential oils. This spray is completely safe for pets and humans. At the same time, they are effective in disinfecting and cleaning. They keep the air safe by removing dust particles and bacteria.

10. Parvo Virucide

A parvo virucide products is the best hygiene product for your home. The solution contains powerful germ killing substances. You can use this solution to completely disinfect kennels, utensils, and surfaces. This is a powerful product that is preferred and recommended by vets who use it in their clinics.