Pet Heat Pads

It can be easy to assume our furry friends have all the protection they need from the cold and bitter months ahead, but like us it wouldn’t hurt to have a little bit of extra warmth and cosiness when we need it most.

The freezing cold elements of the winter months can mean discomfort for our pets and a reduction in them wanting to head out during the day and night. With the increase in fuel bills we wouldn’t want to be leaving the heating on constantly just to keep them warm when they are in the house or heading for a sleep. The ideal gift for your furry little (or large!) family member would be one of Petnap’s heat pads. Essentially a electric blanket for your cat or dogs bed; it will warm up their little spot just perfectly for them on a return from an escapade outdoors and keep them cosy.

For some more information pay a visit to for heat pads that are perfect for the winter months ahead, and for other exciting and innovative ideas that will enhance the daily lives of your pets and help you feel confident you are doing your all for them.