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Pet Heated bed

Petnap Pet Heated bed

Pet Heated bed

Pet Heated bed from Petnap. We understand customers are concerned about keeping their beloved pets warm this winter. Petnap has a genius range of new heated dog beds that will with out doubt keep your pet lovely and perfectly warm all year round.

Offering max comfort for your dog or cat.

Petnap’s range of clever heated pet beds work by a heated pad. It is contained in a zip up pocket in the base of the pet bed that then plugs into the wall at home. The heated pet beds heat up when your pet dog or cat is laying in the heated bed.

Petnap has one of the largest ranges of heated pet beds in the UK and over 50 years experience. To see the full range of pet beds visit Petnap Heated Beds.

The bed shown above known as the the sandy bed is great for dogs and cats that are a bit older. The bed sits very low to the ground so is incredibly easy to access perfect for the aging pet. With it’s foam base and heat pad incorporated into the base it will also sooth your pets aches and pains.

The bed simply plugs into a normal UK house supply.