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Petnap Whelping Boxes

Petnap Whelping Boxes

Petnap Whelping Boxes

Petnap Whelping Boxes, if you have just found out your dog is pregnant. You may be racing your mind thinking about the best course of action. If it is your first experience dealing with a pregnant dog. You should first source a whelping box for your dog sometime before giving birth. This way, you will have plenty of time to set it up in an appropriate area of your house.

A whelping box is essential for your dog to give birth safely and comfortably, and you need to get familiar with it to help your dog when it goes into labour. A pregnant dog is highly vulnerable. A whelping box provides a safe environment. Read on to find out the different functions a whelping box performs and why you need a whelping box for your pregnant dog.

What Petnap Whelping Boxes?

If this is your first time dealing with a pregnant dog, you may be unfamiliar with a whelping box. A whelping box is any box set up in a safe area of the house for a dog to give birth and nurse its puppies. The process of your dog going into labour is called whelping. Therefore, this box has been named as such to signify it as the place where the dog would give birth.

A whelping box needs to be set up in a relatively dark and warm area of the house that other animals cannot access. The box does not only function as a delivery room but also as an incubator for the new puppies for six weeks. Therefore, it needs to be spacious enough and designed in a particular way to house the dog and its puppies for an extended period of time. It should also have boundaries low enough for the dog to leave and return easily.

You can either create a whelping box yourself with corrugated cardboard or buy a whelping box from a pet shop to save time. Whatever your course of action. A whelping box is a must for pregnant and nursing dogs.

Reasons You Need to look at Petnap Whelping Boxes for Your Dog

Now that we have established the function of a whelping box, the question remains: Why is a whelping box necessary? Many people also point to the fact that animals do not necessarily need intervention with births since they can deal with it naturally.

However, if you have adopted a dog, we believe it is your responsibility to save it, and its puppies from harm and a whelping box play a massive part in that. Here are some reasons you should get a whelping box for your pregnant dog:

1. A Whelping Box Helps Nurture a Dog’s Nesting Instinct

The correct answer to people’s question about intervening in a dog’s birthing is that a whelping box mimics a pregnant dog’s behaviour in the wild. Before giving birth. A dog would purposefully find a secluded, warm spot in the jungle. They would camouflage it with grass and branches, and then give birth. This behaviour is called nesting instinct.

Domesticated dogs cannot find a spot. Therefore, you must provide them with a whelping box to nurture their nesting instinct.

2. Petnap Whelping Boxes Help Protect Puppies

Petnap whelping boxes have high enough boundaries to protect the puppies for other animals but low enough for the mother to leave and come back easily. These boxes also have a separate compartment for the puppies, which protects them from getting crushed when their mother rolls over in sleep. Some Petnap whelping boxes are heated to protect the puppies from cold.

3. A Whelping Box Can Help Contain the Mess

Since delivery is messy and the new puppies are not trained how to be in a house. Petnap Whelping boxes are essential to keep your house clean. All the mess created by the birth and the puppies learning their way through life is contained in the box. This is much easier to clean. Ensure the whelping box’s regular cleaning to save the puppies and the mother from any diseases or infections.

4. Whelping Box Helps the Dog be at Peace

If you have ever met a dog who is a new mother. You would know that they are highly protective of their puppies. This protective instinct can cause dogs to have a lot of fear and worry. Instilled in with the year of their ancestors struggling to protect their children from predators. Petnap whelping boxes, which are not visited by anyone but you can help your dog relax and nurse the puppies without fear since they know the puppies are safe and protected in the box.

Final Thoughts on Petnap Whelping Boxes

If you talk to experienced breeders, they will all agree that a whelping box is fundamental for a safe birthing experience for your dog. The temperature and the type of bedding you put in the box also help determine the level of comfort. The box in itself is absolutely essential for a dog to give birth.

If your dog is pregnant. You must decide whether to purchase or make a whelping box. Any regular rectangular box cannot be made into a whelping box since it needs to be designed in a particular shape to have a separate compartment for the puppies. If you want to design a whelping box yourself, there are plenty of videos online teaching you how to do it. However, we highly recommend buying a plastic whelping box from Petnap. They are easy to clean and incredibly convenient if you do not have enough time.

If you need a whelping box in the UK. Visit our website to explore our range of whelping supplies to help your dog have a safe and comfortable birth.