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Petnap whelping kit ! What makes it Great?

Petnap whelping kit

whelping kit

A whelping box is essential for whelping dogs. If your pet is about to give birth then a Petnap whelping kit is also just as important. You should try to be prepared. If you aren’t, don’t worry- there are things you can do to prepare yourself now.

First let’s look at what goes into making a good whelping kit.

Items Found In a Petnap whelping kit:

If you want a Petnap whelping kit, then you’ll need the right tools. You’ll need everything from forceps to stethoscopes. Here’s what you should include in a good whelping kit:

  • 2oz bulb syringe or a nasal aspirator
  • Scales that can go up to 5000g
  • Scissors that are medical grade
  • An LED torch with batteries
  • A stethoscope that is medical grade
  • A digital thermometer
  • A pulp kidney dish that is disposable
  • A feeding kit that is lactal, which comes with a bottle, two teats as well as a cleaning brush
  • 2ml medical grade syringe
  • 5ml medical grade syringe
  • Forceps from Spencer Wells that is made of stainless steel
  • Cotton flannel
  • Woolen balls
  • Lubricating gel that is Comfigel
  • Alcohol swap
  • Sterilizing tablets from Milton
  • Vinyl or latex gloves
  • A disposable apron
  • A training or whelping pad
  • A disposable bag that is scented
  • ID bands for puppies
  • Advice for whelping

The good news is that you can buy all of these items in the whelping kit provided by us. This means that you won’t have to go around looking for different suppliers who can provide you with all these items. You can easily get them all from the same place.

Now let’s look at what a whelping kit actually is.

What Is a Petnap whelping kit?

A whelping kit is a medical toolkit that can enable you to help your dog give birth more easily. It’s more common for vets and other medical professionals to have a whelping kit ready, if a dog is about to give birth.

A whelping kit is not the same as a whelping box. If your dog is expecting, then consider buying a whelping box for them. A whelping box is nothing more than a safe space for your pet to give birth in. Not only will the pet give birth in the whelping box, but their litter will spend the initial stages of their life there.

But how do you make the process of giving birth more comfortable for your pet? When you have all the right accessories available, then you can ensure that your pet is as relaxed as possible when giving birth. They will need a quiet, comfortable place to give birth in.

Unless you’re a vet yourself, a whelping kit may not be exactly what you think you would need. But in case there’s an emergency, you should have access to all the tools you could possibly need. Say for example, you fi d yourself needing to touch the newborn children. It’s best to do this while using vinyl or latex gloves first.

If you buy a whelping kit, then you know that you have all the tools necessary to ensure that your pet is safe through the birthing process.

The Uses Of Items In a Petnap whelping kit

There are a lot of items that go into making a whelping kit. Here is what their uses are:

1. Bulb Syringe or Nasal Aspirator

Nasal aspirators can be great for clearing the nose of the expectant mother. Often used to clear the noses of human babies, this is an essential tool to add to your whelping kit.

2. Scales Up To 5000g

Accurate measurements are crucial, especially when it comes to the whelping process. This is why a scale is an essential addition to your whelping kit.

3. Medical Grade Scissors

You never know when you might need a sharp scissor. During a normal pregnancy, the mother takes care of cleaning the babies herself. But if the pregnancy becomes complicated, a scissor might come in handy. Medical grade scissors can ensure that you can cut what you need to precisely, and in a safe manner.

4. LED Torch in a Petnap whelping kit

Having access to emergency lighting can make the difference between being able to help at a crucial time, and being unable to. Always have extra batteries ready as well, so you you shine light on anything you need to.

5. Stethoscope and Digital Thermometer

A stethoscope can be useful for a vet, to measure the heart beat of the pet. A digital thermometer helps you check the temperature of the pet, to ensure they are stable.

6. Pulp Kidney Dish and Lactal Kit

The pulp kidney dish should be disposable. And the lactal kit provides a way for you to look after the new litter.

7. Medical Grade Syringes and Forceps in a Petnap whelping kit

After a pregnancy, it’s possible for the pet to feel sick. If you have medical grade syringes available, then you can administer the right medication to them. Forceps are another useful medical tool that should alsonhe included in your whelping kit.

8. Cotton Flannel and Woolen Balls

These are essential cleaning tools that may need while the pet is giving birth. These should be cleaned, and only used once.

9. Lubricating Gel, Alcohol, Sterilizing Tablets

These can be needed at any time during the whelping process. Alcohol and Sterilizing tablets enable you to keep the environment sterile, while the lubricating gel, such as Comfigel, can also be useful during the whelping process.

10. Disposable Apron and Vinyl or Latex Gloves

To minimize contact between your skin and the new litter, use a disposable apron as well as vinyl or latex gloves, when assisting during the whelping process.

11. Whelping Pad And Disposable Bag

These may be useful during the whelping process. Afterwards, use the disposable bag to throw away all the items you have using during the whelping process.

12. Puppy ID Bands

The final addition to the whelping kit, these are great for use once the litter is born. Use these to identify the different puppies after birth.

Conclusion on a Petnap whelping kit

From sterile forceps to puppy ID bands, this is a list of all the items you would need in your whelping kit.