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Plastic Whelping Boxes: A Durable and Eco-Friendly Option

Consider investing in plastic whelping boxes if you preparing to Whelp. This sustainable product has become a popular option for eco-conscious pet parents. And for good reason.  The reusable plastic outlasts disposable cardboard boxes and can be repurposed for multiple birthing cycles.

It is also easy to clean, maintain and customise. These qualities make it ideal for responsible pet parents who eagerly prepare for littering.

This article highlights the best features of Petnap Reusable Plastic Whelping Boxes. We also share the key advantages of using eco-friendly alternatives for whelping.

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Introducing Petnap Reusable Plastic Whelping Boxes

The Petnap Reusable Plastic Whelping Boxes are long-lasting nesting boxes designed for littering. Our boxes are strategically constructed to provide the furry family privacy during this special time. It is a sustainable alternative to disposable whelping boxes.

Our whelping boxes are available in five sizes, from medium-sized boxes (24x24x12 inches) to heavy-duty boxes for big breeds (48x48x12 inches).  All boxes are 12 inches tall, making it easier for pet parents to observe and help the mum and her litter.  We recommend pet owners to measure their dog before purchase to ensure the dog and her puppies can live and rest inside comfortably.

Each box has a small 6 inches (or larger) opening at one end to allow female dogs to easily go in and out of the nesting area. Our boxes also feature puppy rails (also known as roll bars) inside, encircling the box’s perimeter. These rails protect the newborn puppies from getting smothered or crushed by the mum in case she rolls over them during birthing or when she is asleep.

Overall, these whelping boxes create a clean and comfortable environment for a pregnant dog to welcome and care for her newborn puppies.

What Makes These Boxes Great

Here are all the reasons to use reusable plastic whelping boxes from Petnap:

  • These boxes are made from high-quality materials.
  • It is easy to clean, sanitize, and reuse.
  • Versatile sizes accommodate the unique needs of different dog breeds.
  • Our boxes provide easy access to pet parents and breeders.
  • The puppy rails provide maximum safety for newborn puppies.
  • The opening allows mums to enter and leave the whelping area comfortably.
  • These boxes are spacious enough to add fleece bedding and other essentials to create a cosy nesting area.
  • The sturdy construction makes it a highly durable and long-term investment for breeders.

Need more information? Read our practical guide on how to set up a whelping box to make an informed choice for your furry family members. We suggest setting up the whelping box in a well-ventilated area to prevent it from being too stuffy for your dog and the puppies.

4 Benefits of Reusable Plastic Whelping Boxes

Reusable plastic whelping boxes are a cleaner and greener solution for pet parents and professional breeders. These boxes align with the unique needs of birth and aftercare by providing your canine companion and her litter a safe and comfortable space.

Here is a breakdown of the benefits these nesting boxes offer:

1.  Environmentally Safe Plastic Whelping Boxes

If you are looking for a sustainable approach to manage littering, invest in a reusable plastic whelping box. It outlives disposable counterparts by allowing you to use it for multiple birthing cycles. Also, repeatedly using the same box can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Reusable plastic also reduces wastage, allowing you to give back to the environment. These qualities make it a thoughtful, eco-conscious addition to your household.

2. Durable and Long-Lasting

Disposable whelping boxes are a convenient choice for one-time littering.

A reusable plastic whelping box would be more feasible if you are a breeder or need to house multiple litters. The sturdiness and durability of materials make them less likely to wear out over the years. This means you can use it for multiple litters without any trouble.

What’s more? Since the box is already there, you do not have to store it until the next birthing. You can extend its use by converting the nesting box into a playpen after the puppies grow older. This requires a change of bedding and some toys.

3. Easy to Clean and Disinfect Plastic Whelping Boxes

Newborn puppies have a weak immune system, and are susceptible to contract diseases during the early developmental stage. You must maintain a well-sanitized and hygienic whelping environment to protect them from germs and bacteria.

Plastic whelping boxes are washable, making them easier to clean and sanitize before littering. They also have a smooth, non-porous surface. This minimises the risk of bacteria build-up and contamination during birthing. You can also change bedding routinely to limit health risks.

4. Maximum Comfort and Safety

Newborn puppies and their mum need a cosy, comfy, and safe place to rest after birth. These boxes have secure edges that create a private space for the furry family during the early weeks. It also creates a barrier between the puppies and other pets, making it an interruption-free zone for the young family.

If you want to make these spaces extra cosy, add fleece bedding and a heating pad. These features are perfect for winter births, where newborn puppies need extra warmth to fight the cold weather.

In a Nutshell

Reusable plastic whelping boxes are a durable and eco-safe option for pet parents and breeders. They are spacious enough to take care of female dogs during and after birth, with enough room for her litter. Plus, the sturdy construction gives the furry family a safe and private space to rest after delivery.

The advantages of reusable whelping boxes go beyond sustainability. They make the whelping process easier by allowing you to create a clean, hygienic space for the mum and her newborn puppies. It is easy to clean and reuse, allowing you to set up a familiar place for the next birth.

At Petnap, we provide premium-quality reusable plastic whelping boxes for owners interested in adopting a sustainable practice for breeding and raising puppies. Our boxes come in various sizes to accommodate your unique needs and requirements. You can also check out our inventory for whelping kits and other pet essentials to prepare for littering.