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20 Litre Parvo-Virucide



Product Description

The ultimate animal disinfectant for animal quarters.

Quarantine and boarding kennels
Council/District/Town Councils
Police authorities

It can be used to safely and effectively disinfect animal cages, kennels, catteries, litter trays, veterinary surgeries, table tops, floors, utensils, equipment etc.

Parvo-Virucide is a disinfectant/cleaner giving supreme germ killing power tested and proven by DEFRA. The recommended dilution of 1:200 is effective against the parvo-virus, recognised as one of the most difficult organisms to inactivate.

This product among a few is one of our best selling effective kennel disinfectants and will destroy the organisms causing:-

Since manufacturing begain of Parvo-Virucide in 1990 ZERO REPORTS OF PARVOVIRUS by Parvo-Virucide users.