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Hedgehog Heating System

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Product Description

For Years customers have been using our heat pad range to keep their hedgehogs warm and cosy and more importantly to stop them going into hibernation.

The problem has always been that a typical pet heat pad reaches a to higher temperature for a hedgehog. The ideal temperature should be kept at around 26C.

So after years of customer feedback we have now put together the ideal combination of a vinyl heat pad and an external manually controllable thermostat that ranges from as low as 20C up to 42C.

Key Features of the Heat pad
33cm x 44cm.
230v Mains powered.
Vinyl structure.
Metal conduit to protect cable.
20 Watts consumption is left on all the time.
A few pence per week to keep running continuously.
On sale across the UK since 1973.

Key Features of the External Thermostat
Easy to use and control
Temperature control range 20C to 42C
Controls temperature of heat mats/ soil cables evenly in colder/warmer than normal environments
Provides constant optimum temp for all plants. seeds and cuttings
Easy plug-in operation
Indicator light
Simple to use
Max heat in 1000 watts
Accurate to 1C

PLEASE NOTE: The thermostat in this set is NOT suitable to be used with our metal flexiguard heat pad range. If you require a thermostat for one of our metal flexiguard heat pads please contact us!