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Raspberry Leaf Tea 250ml



Product Description

Raspberry Leaf Tea 250ml

250ml of Raspberry Leaf Tea for pregnant bitches in order to facilitate a successful whelping.

250ml of Raspberry Leaf Complimentary feeding for Dogs, Cats and other small pets, Liquid traditionally used for pregnant bitches in order to facilitate a successful whelping.

A popular birth-aid with breeders. The use of raspberry leaf Tea in pregnancy is documented as far back as the 6th century. It still recommended by health and veterinary professionals today. When used in pregnancy, it helps to tone and maintain the strength of the muscles of the uterus. This is in preparation for birth. It is also known for its hormone balancing properties. Our liquid tea helps for supporting bitches who experience phantom pregnancies.

False, pseudo or phantom pregnancies can affect un-neutered bitches due to individual response to normal hormonal changes associated with her season. They usually start after the first or second season and unfortunately, if your dog has a tendency to these, she`s likely to suffer season after season with symptoms of increasing severity. These symptoms range from mild unsettled behaviour to more extreme nesting habits such as carrying toys, looking for pups and depression. Physical changes can also occur, including a change in body shape, enlarged teats and even milk production.

Our Raspberry Leaf Tea can help your dog cope better with hormonal changes by helping maintain normal balance.

How does raspberry leaf work?

Our Raspberry Leaf Tablets use high quality raspberry leaf extract, packed full of natural compounds to help prepare your bitch for whelping, and support those who experience phantom pregnancies.