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KX5600v Ultrasound Scanner



Product Description

KX5600v with 3.5MHz convex probe for abdominal scanning. Perfect for small animal vets and serious breeders.

Equipped with two probe connectors, one-touch navigation (no need to scroll through multiple options to find what you need), the new KX5600v offers absolutely stunning image quality at an unbeatable price.

Highly portable and weighing only 4.5kg.

This new machine comes complete with a 3.5MHz convex probe included, perfect for abdominal scanning in small animals. Particularly well-suited for pregnancy scanning in dogs.

A battery is an optional extra – it is not necessary to run this system. Unless you are planning on doing field work, you are unlikely to need one.


Tiltable 10.4″ LCD screen to avoid glare
Light-up keyboard for good visibility
2x USB ports
2x transducer connectors
Intuitive keyboard design; a button for everything!
256 frame cineloop
250GB hard drive to store up to 100 images on your scanner, or easily export with USB
Measurement and calculation packages included for basic abdominal and cardiac work
18 months warranty

Additional specifications:

Gray scale:256
8 step intelligent TGC
8 pseudo colours

If you require a battery please call these are an additional ?220.00

Please see our UltraSound Scanners Limitations of Purchase under Terms & Condition page.

Please note it can take upto 14 days for delivery of this item.

Please note that due to Health and Hygiene reasons these machines are none refundable, if the item is faulty it will be fixed and returned.

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