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Whelping Kit



Product Description

Whelping Kit

Whelping kits are great whether this is your first whelp or you are a seasoned professional you are going to need a host of items ranging from forceps to stethoscopes.

In our experience, over 30 different items are likely to be needed!!. Unfortunately these are supplied by some 20+ different suppliers. We have therefore sourced all these items in our whelping kit for you and by buying in bulk have assembled them together into a competitively priced well appointed kit.


    1. 2oz bulb syringe / nasal aspirator
    2. Scales (up to 5000g) (If Purchased with)
    3. LED Torch (inc batteries)
    4. Scissors (sterile, nursing)
    5. Stethoscope (medical grade)
    6. Digital Thermometer (incl cover)
    7. Disposable Pulp Kidney Dish
    8. Puppy Formula (250g)
    9. Lactol Feeding Kit (inc bottle, 2 x teat, cleaning brush)
    10. 2ml Syringe (sterile, medical grade) – 3No
    11. 5ml Syringe (sterile, medical grade) – 2No
    12. Hand Sanitizer (59.25ml) (No Longer included)
    13. Spencer Wells Forceps (Sterile, Straight, Stainless Steel)
    14. Whelping Kit Sponge
    15. Flannel (30cm x 30cm, cotton) – 2No
    16. Cotton Wool Balls (sterile pk of 5) – 2No
    17. Comfigel Lubricating gel (5ml, medical grade) – 2No
    18. Alcohol Swab (sterile individual sachets) – 8No
    19. Milton Sterilising Tablets (individually wrapped) – 4No
    20. Latex/Vinyl Gloves (medical grade) – 4No Pair
    21. Disposable Apron (inc back tie) – 5No
    22. Training Pad – 2No
    23. Scented Disposal Bag (sm) – 5No
    24. Puppy ID Bands (Tyvek: Non tear bands) – 20No
    25. Whelping Kit Advice & Forms Download

**Please note the scales in this kit may vary!!