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Puppy Heated Pet Beds To Keep Your Puppy Warm this Winter

Puppy Heated Pet Beds


Puppy sleeping in heated dog beds


Puppy Heated Pet Beds are great items for your pet. Many people think dogs are resistant to cold weather because of their fur. Contrary to popular belief, dogs get cold just like humans and are vulnerable to hypothermia and frostbite should temperatures go below freezing. This risk of dogs getting uncomfortably cold and getting sick due to it heightens in puppies and old, geriatric dogs.

If you have adopted a puppy or your dog has just given birth, it will be wise to invest in a heated bed to keep the puppies from harm. There are now plenty of heated bed options on the market that are safe, affordable and suitable for puppies. Read on to find details about four heated pet beds from Petnap you can buy to keep your little furry friends safe and sheltered from any health complications.

Why Do Puppies Especially Need Puppy Heated Pet Beds?

Puppies are a lot like human babies and must be treated with just as much care. Like human babies, puppies are also vulnerable to extreme weather conditions, and you should take preventive steps to ensure they are not exposed to them. Like you would wrap up a human baby in warm clothes when it’s freezing, puppies also need warmth to not fall sick during winter.

Puppies are especially vulnerable to cold weather. They are at risk of contracting hypothermia or respiratory infections since their immune systems are not fully formed yet. You should also look for outward signs of your puppy feeling uncomfortably cold to take mitigating steps immediately. These signs include shivering, a tucked tail, whining or barking, and changes in behaviour. Any of these signs mean that the environment is unbearably cold for the puppy, and they need to be taken to a warm spot immediately.

A heated dog bed is the easiest way to ensure your puppy always remains warm and cosy. These beds are custom-built to withstand scratching by the puppy. Their lower wattage means they are completely safe for any dog, including newborn puppies. Heated dog beds are highly convenient and must only be plugged in when you need to provide a warm sleeping or lounging spot for your puppy.

A high-quality heated bed will last you several years. Therefore, you can easily use this bed through several winters. You can also use this as a regular dog bed, so you don’t have to store it away yearly. If you have puppies you are looking to protect from frigid weather, then Petnap’s heated pet beds are excellent and provide all you need in a heated bed. Let’s look at four of these heated beds and explore their remarkable features.

4 heated Beds from Petnap to Keep Your Puppy Warm and Safe

Petnap is the UK’s leading brand for pet accessories. We provide durable and high-quality supplies to make your pets’ lives better. In addition to the incredibly useful pet heating pads. Petnap also provide pet beds with a compartment where you can put the heating pad to transform it into a heated bed. This means our beds are incredibly versatile and can be used in any season. The heat pad regulates the temperature, which goes up to 40°C, the optimal safe temperature for dogs.

Here are four heated beds from Petnap that will be suitable for your puppy this winter:

1. Petnap’s Heated Pet House

Petnap’s heated pet house is shaped like one for keeping your dog stimulated. This pet house is spacious enough as a heated bed and play area, making it useful for any pet owner. Made out of waterproof material and with UV protection, the house can be used outdoors easily, according to the owner’s discretion. It also comes in two sizes, regular and large. The regular size is appropriate for smaller dog breeds, while the large size is suitable for bigger dogs. The front of the pet house is covered with a clear plastic flap for your dog to see outside while being snuggled safely inside.

2. Petnap Sandy Heated Bed

The Sandy heated bed has boundaries on three sides and is open on one, providing puppies easy access. This open side is also helpful for geriatric dogs who cannot climb in and out of bed due to joint pain. With a compartment for a vinyl heated pad and an armoured cable, this heated bed is built to withstand the playful nature of puppies.

3.  Petnap’s Heated Soft Leopard Bed

With its eye-catching leopard-patterned covering, this heated bed will greatly add to your house’s overall design. Apart from its aesthetic, the bed will provide unparalleled comfort to your puppy due to how soft and plush it is. The sides of the beds are also soft and not firm, which will help the puppy to go in and out of bed easily. The leopard print fabric also helps conceal how dirty it gets. Which means washing it is easy, and you do not have to fret about stains or fading colours.

4. Petnap’s Oval Heated Pet Bed

This soft padded foam bed comes in a unique blue colour that will go with any house interior. The bone-shaped pillow that comes with the bed will provide extra entertainment for your puppy. The bed also has an oval heating pad, which fits perfectly in the zip-up compartment on the bottom.

Final Thoughts on Puppy Heated Pet Beds

Petnap’s range of heating beds is ideal for your puppy. You might not know it, but your puppies are vulnerable to cold. Constant exposure to low temperatures can cause them to be sick. While layering them up is also wise, a heated bed will make your life easier.

The best part of it all is that Petnap’s heated beds come with a heating pad which can be easily removed. You can use the bed all year long without a problem. Visit our website now to fully explore our range of heated pet beds.