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Puppy Whelping

Puppy Whelping

Puppy Whelping

Puppy Whelping it makes sense if you are new to raising puppies and wondering how you will manage them. If you have heard of the whelping box, you must know that it is made to hold puppies in a single place. This way, they stay in the house.

However, the question arises about when they can leave their whelping box. Even though every one of them will be different from the other, they can all climb up the whelping box simultaneously. They might differ in appearance, but their growth rate is almost the same.

We will explore the time when the puppies can leave their whelping box and the point of even having one if they come out eventually. Scroll down to know more.

When Can Puppies Leave the Whelping Box?

Puppies are such minute and adorable creatures that you would want them to stay together forever. However, they will eventually try to be independent. They will try to come out of their nest so the puppies can explore the outside world.

The puppies have been reported to leave the whelping box around three weeks old. Those weeks might sound like very little time, but if you spend it right, that can be a lot. They can even jump around that time, making it possible for them to come out of their nest by themselves.

Keeping the puppies in one place is one of many purposes of a whelping box. It also helps the mother dog to easily nurture her puppies by keeping them close to her.

Newly born puppies find it hard to regulate their body temperature. Staying under the warmth of their mother can help them adjust to the weather conditions of a new environment. However, you can also set up a heat lamp to give them artificial warmth.

Let’s learn some more about the whelping box so that it can help you in nurturing them along with the mother.

Whelping Box

Whelping box, also known as the whelping pen, helps the breeding dog deliver her puppies in comfort at first. After that, the purpose shifts to nurturing the puppies. A whelping box is an enclosed space with slightly higher walls that protect the puppies from crawling out of their space.

This whelping box helps the puppies to stay in a single position with their mother. The box makes it easier for the mothers to cuddle them in the initial days of their life. Puppies can get cold right after they are born into the world. However, if the puppies stay close to their mother, they can easily regulate their body temperature in a moderate environment.

The whelping box and the mother give them a sense of comfort and warmth that is hard to find artificially. The mother also feels safe giving birth in a cozy little space.

You should set the whelping box in a peaceful and quiet environment so that the breeding dog doesn’t stress out in its most crucial life stage. If you set the box right after she delivers the puppies, it would be difficult for her to adjust to a new environment.

Setting the whelping box a few weeks before the breeding dog gives birth would be the most convenient and reliable option.

Maintaining the Hygiene Of a Whelping Box

If the puppies stay in the whelping box for around three weeks, you might need to clean it regularly. Otherwise, the whelping box can radiate odd odours, keeping you a couple of feet away from the little creatures.

It would be best if you keep a spare box ready to transfer the puppies into. After shifting them to their new temporary place, you can change the bedding and sheets of the whelping box. Ensure those sheets are disposable or delicate enough to be cleaned after washing.

Please do not disturb the mother and her puppies in the initial week after delivery. From the second week, you will need to start that cleaning process. Make sure to do so in a way that doesn’t make the mother feel like you are separating it from the puppies.

The new sheets shouldn’t be wet, which can make the puppies struggle to maintain their body temperature. It should be all dry and clean, so they can feel as comfortable as possible.

Feeding the Mother Dog and the Puppies during Puppy Whelping

The puppies shouldn’t be a concern for you during the first three weeks of birth. They will feed on their mother’s milk, which would be enough for them. Outside food can cause complications for them in the early days of life.

However, it would be best if you took care of the mother since the feeding will drain it after taking care of the puppies constantly. Make sure to put a water bowl for the mother dog so it can stay hydrated and not fall sick.

You should also keep food for the dog to get all the essential nutrients. If the mother stays hungry for an extended period, producing milk and feeding the puppies would be challenging. The mother dog’s health is essential to nurture the puppies in the best way possible.

After the puppies come out of their whelping box, you can put in digestible food for the puppies. Make sure you do proper research on it before feeding them. They can become seriously ill if you feed them incorrectly.

Conclusion on Puppy Whelping

Taking care of the puppies once they leave the whelping box can be exciting yet challenging. If you put in the right amount of effort, they can grow inevitably in the best way possible. It would be best if you were prepared when they are ready to leave the whelping box.

The puppies come out of their box with many responsibilities, and you should be prepared to fulfil every one of them.

‘How you should take care of them after they leave the box’ is a topic for another day. However, we have listed all the essential information you must know until they are in it. Hope that helps you and the animals.