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Setting Up a Whelping Box

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Spot for Setting Up a Whelping Box !

Setting Up a Whelping Box

Setting Up a Whelping Box once you find out your dog is pregnant, the ideal course of action is to make a checklist of all the things you have to do and get in order to ensure your dog has a safe and comfortable birthing experience. Aside from keeping tabs on your dog’s health, a major task is to acquire a whelping box.

A whelping box is basically an open area marked by low walls that is necessary to protect newborn puppies during the birthing process and to protect them afterward from being crushed or other hazards such as low temperatures. The walls of a whelping box are low enough to keep the puppies contained but easy for the mother to make its way in and out.

In the very early days after giving birth, a whelping box is essential for the dog as a place where it can safely feed its children and where they are protected from all-natural elements before they are big enough to roam around themselves.

Setting Up a Whelping Box

A whelping box can either be purchased or made out of material such as cardboard by yourself. While DIY is a commendable activity, we recommend purchasing a whelping box. Which is now fully equipped to ensure your dog has a safe and comfortable birthing experience. Petnap’s disposable whelping kit is excellent for all your dog whelp box needs. You can buy a cheap whelping box without the hassle of construction after measurements and include add-ons such as fleece lining and heating pads according to your needs and budget. If you want to help alleviate the childbirth pain for your dog, we highly recommend going all out on a whelping box kit.

However, there is still a major dilemma after you receive your disposable and customized whelping box kit from Petnap. Where should you keep the whelping box to ensure the most secure experience for your dog and its puppies? This is a highly important question due to two major reasons. First is that whelping boxes are not an enclosed space, thus it is vulnerable to outside elements. Secondly, Everyone’s housing situation is different, therefore you’re going to need to know all the requirements before finding a spot in your living space that is perfect for a whelping box.

This dilemma doesn’t need to keep you up at night, as we have made the ultimate guide for you to find the perfect spot for your dog’s whelping. Let’s explore the things you should consider when you are looking for a place for your whelping boxes.

Things to Consider When Looking for a Place to Setting Up a Whelping Box

When you are looking around for the perfect spot for your whelping box, you need to keep in mind all the factors mentioned below. Whelping boxes should be a secure haven for a dog who is going to go through the very stressful event of giving birth. To ensure maximum comfort for your dog, these are the important things to consider and then choose a spot that ticks all the boxes:

1. The Spot Should Not Be Obscured

It is imperative that the whelping box should not be surrounded by massive pieces of furniture. Or other household items as they can obscure the way of the dog as it goes in and out of the box to look after the puppies. Ideally the whelping boxes should be located in an empty room, but understandably not everyone has a spare room for such things in their living space. A closet or a basement are also excellent spaces as they can be cleared to make space for the whelping boxes.

2. The Spot Should be Quiet for Setting Up a Whelping Box

Make sure that you place the box in a spot that is not frequented by other people or animals. The dog giving birth should feel that the box is its safe space. Loud sounds can stress them out during the birthing process.

3. The Spot Should be Warm

A whelping box is not enclosed. Therefore putting it in a cold space can make the dog miserable. It can also harm the newly born puppies who do not have the required level of insulation. Make sure that the box is in a space which is sufficiently warm. It is also understandable that if you are putting the box in a place that is not temperature controlled, it might be hard to keep it warm. In that case, we recommend Petnap’s heating pads that you can purchase along with the disposable whelping boxes. These pads will keep your dog and its puppies warm and cozy.

4. The Spot Should Not Be Too Bright

The lighting of the spot is also extremely important. Bright lights are hardly relaxing, and we feel relaxed in dark and cozy environments. Dogs are similar and a dark, secluded spot is excellent for a Setting Up a Whelping Box. It helps the dog relax and focus on the birthing and feeding its children. If you have chosen a spare room to place the whelping boxes, make sure to draw the curtains.

5. The Spot Should be Accessible to Only the Caretakers

It is very important to make sure that no other animals can access the whelping boxes. Not only is the mother territorial about her puppies. But newborn puppies can be mistaken as prey by other dogs as well and can end up harming them. If you want to ensure safety and avoid a tragedy, keep other animals and dogs away from the box. No animals can be trusted around vulnerable newborn animals.

Final Thoughts

There are several factors to keep in mind when looking for a place to put your whelping box. You have to keep in mind the comfort of the dog. When choose a spot in your living space that provides it the most comfort. It might seem like work putting the box away in a separate place, however, it only lasts for the first three weeks. After that you can bring out the box and introduce the puppies to the outside world.