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Signs of Pregnancy in Dogs

Signs of Pregnancy in Dogs

Signs of Pregnancy in Dogs

Signs of Pregnancy in Dogs is exciting finding out that your dog is pregnant and expecting puppies. Caring for a pregnant dog can be a huge responsibility, but all your tiredness washes away when you see those cute little puppies and their little paws for the first time. However, when you have been waiting for it for so long, you may feel mixed feelings of anxiousness and excitement, and all you want is to ensure the puppies are on the way.

This anxiousness is even more heightened when you have been actively trying to breed your dog. Breeding your dog comes with great work and responsibility, but the most important step toward it is first to find out if you – or your dog have been successful or not. This is why, as a pet owner and dog breeder, you need to be aware of the clear signs and symptoms that can help you determine your dog’s pregnancy.

Most pregnancy symptoms are similar to that of an illness – hence, it’s best to rule out the possibilities yourself so that you can take care of your dog on her happy but painful journey. Therefore, we decided to share this article with you. Let’s learn the signs of pregnancy in dogs.

How Long Does a Dog Stay Pregnant and the Signs of Pregnancy in Dogs?

Pregnancy in dogs lasts for about 62 to 64 days, which is about 2 months. However, predicting a dog’s delivery time can be quite difficult because its date of breeding doesn’t always match its date of conception. Therefore, it’s best to be watchful of the obvious signs to be sure to know when your dog is pregnant.

4 Signs of Pregnancy in Dogs

1.      Lazy With Decreased Activity

Dogs are usually very energetic and playful; hence, laziness is mostly a sign of illness. However, this is also an evident sign of pregnancy. Pregnant dogs are likely to get tired easily and prefer napping throughout the day instead of running around. If your otherwise active and energetic dog spends more time indoors, snoozing all day, it can either be worrisome or a sign of some good news. The only way to determine? Visit a vet and rule out any possibility of an illness.

2.      Increased Appetite and Picky Eating

Pregnancy can definitely fluctuate everyone’s appetite – and don’t even get us started on the food cravings. Well, if you have heard these things about pregnancy, you are sure to catch these signs in your dog as well. Depending on the dog and its pregnancy stage, its appetite and eating habits are likely to change drastically. It only makes sense that with other puppies growing inside, they are going to get hungrier, hence, an increased appetite.

However, most dogs, during the early stages to the midway stages might feel sick after eating and end up vomiting most of their food, which can eventually disturb their food cycle for a while. But be careful with what you are feeding your dog because not only do they need nutritious food at this time, but they also might want to try new and different foods. Your dog can become a real picky eater during this period, so you’ll have to take care of her cravings.

3.      Change in Behaviour

During pregnancy, most dogs start portraying very unusual and different behaviour. A dog who is normally less affectionate and like its own space might ask for cuddles and seek comfort from you. This behaviour is usually a result of the pain and trouble they are going through during this tough time. Pregnancy is, undoubtedly, a challenging journey, and your dog needs your attention, care, and comfort to help them through it.

However, some dogs are different and seek isolation. You might also notice that your otherwise affectionate dog is now spending time alone. This is because some dogs want to be left unbothered. They might feel irritable when given attention during their time of relaxing. This is also a result of the pain and trouble that comes with pregnancy, and some dogs just have their way of dealing independently. So you will have to observe the change in their behaviours keenly.

4.      Physical Changes

Pregnancy doesn’t only change a dog’s behaviourally or emotionally, but also brings very evident physical changes. Apart from the baby bump that becomes apparent halfway won the pregnancy, the two most common and evident physical changes that can instantly identify when your dog is pregnant – and are discoloured and enlarged nipples and evident weight gain.

·         Discoloured and Enlarged Nipples

This is one of the first and most definite indicators of pregnancy in dogs. When your dog gets pregnant, you will notice that its aerosols will become more round in shape and a darker shade or red compared to its usual shape and colour.

·         Weight Gain

As we said, the baby bump, which starts showing midway, is one final sign to confirm your dog’s pregnancy. You can notice an increase in their weight and overall size way before that. Pregnant dogs start expanding in size, they become bigger and gain weight rapidly. If that’s the case, there is nothing to be alarmed about; it’s mostly due to pregnancy. However, it’s always best to visit a doctor.

Conclusion Signs of Pregnancy in Dogs

Some people are surprised to know. Signs of pregnancy in dogs are very similar to that of other mammals, including human beings. This is why you need to be very vigilant and careful with your dog at all times. Especially if you have been trying to get them to breed. If you have any uncertainties, tits always best to visit a vet who can run an ultrasound or an x-ray or check the palpitations to confirm the good news.

Nonetheless, don’t forget to be extra careful during your dog’s pregnancy. Give them proper meals and viable supplements and make sure they have a comfortable whelping box ready to get accustomed to for labour!