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Small Dog Beds

Small Dog Beds


Small Dog Bed


Small Dog Beds – Although your dog might love sneaking onto your bed or lounging on your family’s couch, there is no question that they would welcome having a bed of their own. Although they may appear satisfied when lying on the ground, most dog parents know how much happier their dog is when it is dozing off on a soft, comfy surface. Fortunately, no dog requires a human bed to be at ease as they relax and sleep. A comfortable dog bed is all that’s required to satisfy a pup of any type, breed, age, or size.

That said, before you go out and purchase the first dog bed you can find, you need to be aware of your choices. Yes, you read that right. Dog beds are available in various shapes, sizes, and, most importantly, types. So, with that in mind, here are a few different types of you should know about.

Heated Dog Beds

Heated dog beds are ideal for dogs that live outside in dog houses, in cooler climates, with painful joint diseases like hip dysplasia, or for ill puppies that need a little additional comfort.

Self-heating or electrically powered heated dog beds are also options. Although plug-in heated pet beds are fantastic for dogs, they should not be used with chewing dogs, especially if you’re plugging them into a power supply. Your dog might chew the wires and end up electrocuting himself.

That said, if you’re looking for a safe and comfortable dog bed, the Sandy Heated Bed is your best bed. It has all the features you would want in a heated dog bed. Plus, it comes with an armoured power cable that is practically unchewable.

Wooden Dog Beds

A wooden dog bed is called that because it has a wooden frame, not because it’s made entirely of wood. In fact, these beds also come with a mattress for more comfort and a softer platform for your dog to rest on.

Wooden dog beds are typically chosen by owners who want elegance over a standard bed, and this design certainly delivers on that. There are a few drawbacks to hardwood dog beds, though. Of course, if you enjoy DIYing things, you might design and construct your own wooden dog bed to save some money. However, remember that these wooden beds are not chew-proof and easy to clean.

Sofa Dog Beds

Sofa dog beds closely resemble human sofas and often place a strong focus on aesthetics and elegance. So, why not get your dog its own sofa to lay on, especially if it likes clambering up on your furniture?

You can pick a sofa bed to match your interior design and acquire the perfect size bed for your dog because sofa beds come in a variety of designs, patterns, and materials. Many couch beds include built-in storage areas where you can keep toys and treats for your dog.

However, since most sofa dog beds are made of expensive fabric, their biggest drawback is that they are difficult to maintain. Therefore, spot cleaning is the only method of removing spills, which is not ideal. Ultimately, if you decide on a sofa dog bed, look for one with cushions with covers that can be removed and washed in your washing machine.

Cave Dog Beds

A cave dog bed is also known as a burrowing or hooded bed. These beds are ideal for dogs that enjoy hiding and digging deep into their bedding. In fact, they can provide the ideal level of comfort for a dog that experiences separation anxiety.

That said, small dogs like Chihuahuas might feel comfortable and secure in a cave bed. The fact that these beds are only available in tiny sizes is their biggest drawback. At the end of the day, a cave bed is a perfect option for a warm, cosy sanctuary for your small dog, especially during the winter.

Furniture Style Beds

Furniture dog beds are made to minimize room in your house and provide your dog with a comfortable place to relax.

Typically, these beds also double as media, side, or coffee tables, among other types of human furniture. Since a furniture dog bed is technically a crate or kennel, you must select an appropriate crate pad to fit inside the bed.

Although beds that resemble plastic or resin furniture are available, they are typically constructed of wood. That’s obviously not ideal for people who have dogs that love to chew on things. Additionally, furniture beds cost significantly more than standard beds.

Elevated Dog Beds

Raised, mesh, and hammock beds are a few other names for an elevated dog bed. These beds, such as Large Raised Beds (Solid Cover) by Petnap. Can have a densely woven cloth or mesh fastened to a wood, PVC, or metal frame to keep your dog elevated off the ground. The elevated surface shields your dog’s joints from the rough floor while keeping it cool and comfortable. Simply add a blanket or thin mat to the mattress if your dog prefers something soft. This type of dog bed is quite simple to clean. You just need to wipe the bed off or use your garden hose to wash it! This is why most pet owners go for raised beds if they own an outdoor dog.

Some elevated dog beds, like Large Raised Beds (Mesh Cover) by Petnap. These have a tent-like cover that shields your dog from the sun and rain. On the other hand, the bed’s breathable mesh material keeps your dog cool in hotter weather.

Wrapping Up on Small Pet Beds

Dogs are man’s closest companions and generally sleep similarly to humans. They have various distinct sleeping postures. Plus, they also dream and have a sleep cycle. So, it is wise to get a dog bed for your furry little friend to accommodate its needs and requirements. Fortunately, the information shared about different types of pet beds will give you a good idea. So, get one for your dog today!