Hedgehog heat pad. Why do Pet Hedgehogs Need Heat?

Why do Pet Hedgehogs need Heat via a hedgehog heat pad? Millions of people around the world keep pet hedgehogs, a great addition is a hedgehog heat pad. These spiky little gnawers make wonderful companions once they have warmed up to you and are known for their playful personalities. But one question that often comes […]

Buy a Hedgehog Heater and 5 Things You Should Not Feed

5 Things You Should Not Feed a Hedgehog & to buy a Hedgehog Heater So, you’ve decided to get a hedgehog as a pet. Congratulations! Now you will need to buy a hedgehog heater to stop your hedgehog hibinating, A hedgehog heater should be placed in the vivurium to keep them warm. Petnap sell a […]