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Flexiguard Pet Heat Pad

Flexiguard Heat Pad

Flexiguard Pet Heat Pad

A Flexiguard Pet Heat Pad can be a great addition if you have a pet, you are a breeder of cats or dogs or you work in a veterinary practice. There is often a need to provide extra warmth for your animals. For cats and dogs about to have their litters of young. Older pets with joint issues or animals in a boarding facility who are away from home. An additional heat source can be reassuring. Help keep your pet feeling well and content and can improve certain symptoms in conditions such as arthritis

The Flexiguard Pet Heat Pad is the ideal heat source for use with any cat and dog. In an array of situations such as at home, in a veterinary surgery or in kennels and catteries. 

The Flexiguard Pet Metal Heat Pad from Petnap is available in three different sizes and powered by mains electricity. The flexiguard heat pad can be left on continuously. Minimal running cost which is not prohibitive to a private owner or veterinary practice. The Flexiguard Heat Pad is manufactured to high standards from aluminium to effectively conduct heat, the pad should be covered only with a specially designed Cosi Cover from Petnap (please avoid using a cushion or blanket which can prevent regulation of heat) 

Designed specifically for use with cats and dogs. All Flexiguard Heat Pads are chew proof they are supplied with anti-chew cables. What’s more they will withstand the odd patch of wetness from those little accidents. 

To find out more about the benefits of a Flexiguard Heat Pad for your cat or dog please visit for us online at Petnap Flexiguard Pet heat pad.