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Vet Bed Fleece For A Whelping Box

Vet Bed Fleece For A Whelping Box

vet bed

A whelping box is a separate space that pet owners create for their expecting dogs, normally lined with Vet Bed. It provides their dogs with a safe space to give birth in, and to care for their litter in. If your dog is about to give birth, then you may have already considered getting a whelping box built for them.

You can build a whelping box out of anything from cardboard to wood. But to add that extra layer of comfort to the whelping box, consider vet fleece. This will allow you to provide a layer of comfort for your pet. You’ll be able to provide them with not just a safe space for when they’re ready to give birth, but also a comfortable place.

Why Should You Use Vet Bedding?

Vet fleece bedding is specially designed to help pregnant dogs when they’re ready to give birth to their new litter. A vet fleece can be used as a bedding, a cover for furniture or even as a whelping pad.

Vet fleece bedding if usually made of a blend of fibers that are unique. This is what makes vet fleece bedding dense, thick, as well as supportive. This product can also help keep your pet warm, while they are giving bird. Vet bed is often used by breeders as well, which should give you an idea regarding how often it’s used.

Vet fleece bedding also has the unusual property of drying out moisture. This means that you won’t need to worry about the space around your pet becoming damp. This vet bedding will ensure that your pet and their litter stay as dry as possible.

It’s also possible for you to wash vet fleece bedding in a washing machine. Generally, this product is non-allergenic, as well as non-toxic. You can use bleach on it, as this product doesn’t irritate the skin or the eyes in any way either.

What’s even better about vet fleece bedding is that you don’t have to worry about it unraveling. When you’re done using your fleece bedding, you can simply roll it up and place it on the side. There are lots of different ways you can use fleece bedding as well, outside of use in your whelping box.

Simply add then to your dog’s crate, or their kennel. There are also different sizes that you can buy vet fleece in, from small all the way to extra large.

Colours and Sizes of Vet Bed

Vet fleece bedding can be available in various colours as well as sizes. You can get vet fleece bed for small animals, as well as large ones. To get the right size for your pet, first you’ll need to measure what your pet’s dimensions are. Then, compare their size to the available sizes of vet bedding. This will enable you to find the right size for your pet.

You could also be getting fleece bedding to add to your pet’s sleeping space. If this is the case, then first measure the size of their sleeping space. If your dog has a wooden crate bed for example, then what is the size of that pet bed. Then, get a vet bedding that would fit appropriately in that space. You can also get vet bedding in custom sizes, although these could be more expensive. As far as colours go, there are the more common colours, such as white and blue. But you can also find different colours of fleece bedding. There are multiple colours available when it comes to vet fleece bed.

What Material is Fleece Bedding Made Out Of?

Vet bed comes from bleeding together certain unique fibers. This blend is what gives this kind of bedding its strong support, and makes it ideal for a whelping box. Vet fleece is also often made completely out of polyester.

A vet bedding is also built to capture moisture. This means that even if the dog gets the bedding wet, they can still lie comfortably on it. It’s also easy for you to wash your vet bedding in the washing machine. This means that no matter how dirty it gets, getting it clean again won’t be so hard.

Fleece bedding is not just used in whelping boxes, but can also be used in other medical scenarios as well. Vets often have vet fleece available for not just whelping, but general use as well.

The material of the vet fleece bed is designed to be thick and dense. Even if your dog were to chew on the bedding, it would still be okay. Generally, vet fleece bed can

last for many years, if well cared for.

How To Care For Your Vet Bed

Remember to keep your vet fleece bedding clean at all times. Since it’s easy to machine wash vet fleece bedding, cleaning it once every two weeks is a good idea. This is especially true should you be using it often.

If you use a vet bed in your whelping box, then leave the bedding there until the puppies have started walking and their eyes have opened. Then, clean out your vet bed. Ideally, having two fleece bed is a better option. That way, you can swap one out of the other when you’re cleaning it.

To Sum Up:

Fleece bedding is a great option if you want to provide your pet with a comfortable space to have their litter in. Fleece bedding can also be used for purposes outside of whelping. Take for example using it in the kennel, to give your dog a comfy space to live in.

Many breeders choose vet bedding since there are lots of advantages to adding one to your whelping box. Take for example how this vet fleece absorbs moisture, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the space in your whelping box becoming wet.

Use this guide to learn more about how to take care of the vet bedding you use in a whelping box.