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Pet heating pad, what are the benefits of using one?

What are the benefits of using a pet heating pad for dog?

Pet Heating Pad
Dog on pet heating pad

Have you ever curled up on a pet heating pad to assist relieve painful cramps or muscular pains, then you know exactly how effective they can be. If you haven’t tried this yet, you should. The use of heat as a treatment for pain particularly that which is brought on by pains in the joints or muscles, is a frequent practice. The same thing can be said for dogs, with the obvious exceptions to this rule.

Dog owners frequently turn to heating pads and heated beds. They are used mainly for the purpose of assisting their canine companions in recovering from injuries. Other uses include coping with the aches and pains that come with advancing age and arthritis. However, it is essential to be certain that you are making appropriate use of a heating pad for dogs and that you are aware of any potential risks that may be involved.

Find out all you need to know about dog heating pads, including some pointers on how to go about purchasing one for your own canine pet, right here.


The benefit to use a pet heating pad for dogs

The same line of thinking that underlies why heating pads may be good for humans also applies to why they can be beneficial for dogs. Application of heat in specific areas of the body has been shown to increase circulation and blood flow. In addition to this, it temporarily improves the flexibility of the muscles.

A pet heating pad may provide your dog with a number of benefits, including the following:

Soothing and relaxation of the muscles

Spasms in the muscles are relaxed.

The alleviation of joint pain and/or stiffness

Pain relief for those suffering from arthritis

Relief from pain in general


Even though the advantages of using a pet heating pad for dogs are just temporary, they can be of great assistance to your dog while they are healing from an accident. In addition, as was noted before, they are frequently seen in households who have senior dogs, dogs of advanced age, or dogs that suffer from arthritis. On top of that, many dogs, particularly on chilly days, just adore the sensation of lying on a heating pad.

How to use a pet heating pad correctly and safely with your dog

It’s possible that heating pads, including heated beds, are safe for dogs, but there are still a few things you should be aware of before using them. It is critical that you be aware of the proper method to use heating pads safely and that you are familiar with the myriad of ways in which a heating pad can quickly transform from something that is helpful to your dog into something that is harmful to them.

Make sure it’s a heating pad or mat designed for dogs

Way’s in which people and dogs endure heat is not identical, and your personal heating pad or blanket is not designed to be used with your dog. You should get a heating pad for your dog that is designed exclusively for them, and you should read the directions that come with it very carefully so that you are aware of precisely how it operates and how long your dog can be on it without being in danger.


Observe your dog when they are using a heating pad

Naturally your dog may want to move off the pad at some point, if he or she begins to feel uncomfortable. However, if they suffer from arthritic pain or are experiencing other forms of discomfort, it may be difficult for them to do so. This may eventually cause them to overheat. Never leave your dog alone with the heating pad or use it in a restricted place, and make sure to assist them if it appears that they have reached their limit of tolerance. Excessive sweating, an increase in saliva production, and a high heart rate are all symptoms of overheating.

Check for wear and tear frequently

If your dog has a habit of chewing, there is a possibility that he or she will wind up gnawing on the heating pad or one of its electrical components. In addition to deterring your pet from doing so, you should routinely inspect the pad for any indications of damage. This is because damage to the pad might lead to wiring problems, which could put your pet in danger.

Buying a dog heating pad

If you think your dog could benefit from a heating pad, then you should buy one.

You can choose from different kinds of heating pads, such as:

Pet Heating pads that use electricity

As you would expect these plug into the wall and are often controlled by a thermostat so that the temperature stays the same. They can get pretty hot, so it’s important to keep an eye on both your dog and the heating pad. Also keep an eye on the cord, especially if your dog or other pets like to chew on things.

Pads that heat the air

Thermal heating pads have a layer that reflects back your pets own body heat. Heat pads don’t get as warm as an electric bed, but there are no cords to worry about.  They can’t get hotter than your pet’s body temperature, so you don’t have to worry about them getting too hot.

Some heated pet pads you can microwave

Microwaveable heating pads are filled with a special material (often a gel) that traps heat when you microwave it. This is similar to how a warm compress works. They cool down as they are used very quickly, there isn’t much chance that your dog will get too hot. However, they can come out of the microwave quite hot. Check the temperature before letting your dog lay down on it.

Heating pads for orthopedics

An orthopedic heating pad is like a regular orthopedic pad or bed. It gives extra comfort to older or aching dogs. They are heavier than regular heating pads, but they have extra layers to protect and cushion joints, which could be important.

Heating pads for outside

When your dog is going to use a pet heating pad outside. Make sure to buy one that is made for use outside. With water-resistant materials on the outside to make sure they can handle moisture. They can be either electrical or thermal.

Use the information above to choose a heating pad that is right for your dog and your home. Its a good idea to talk to your vet before purchasing a heat pad. This will help you find out what they think about the type of heating pad you should buy. Also how you should use it to keep your pet safe.