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Whelping Bitch

whelping bitch

Whelping Bitch

Whelping bitch –  If you own a breeding dog at your home, you must know how to take care of them. However, whelping a litter of puppies can be slightly different than raising a single dog. It can be challenging to whelp a litter for the first time. But if you are willing to put in your complete efforts, it can become a rather exciting process.

Whelping a litter of puppies starts before they are even born. It starts with taking care of the mother dog a few weeks before she delivers those cute little puppies. You might be worried, thinking it’s probably a lot of work. However, we are here to guide you with the things that will help you every step of the way.

Whelping your first litter is relatively easy if you keep a few things in mind. Following these instructions for your whelping bitch can make your experience a smooth ride. Scroll down to know more.

1.                  Whelping Box

A whelping pen is also known as the whelping box, which is the first thing you must prepare for those cute puppies. It consists of comfortable bedding surrounded by slightly higher walls. The walls keep the puppies from getting out, keeping them all in one place.

It would be best if you prepared the whelping pen a few weeks before the dog delivers her puppies. It makes the dog comfortable and familiar with the environment before bringing its children into the world. After they are born, the whelping pen keeps them warm enough to blend in the new weather conditions.

They stay in the whelping bed for only three weeks and then jump out of it when they gain control of their movements. The mother dog takes care of them as long as they stay in their pen. However, the day they step out of it, it is a sign that it’s time for you to play your part in taking care of them.

2.                  Whelping Collars

The moment those little puppies are born, make sure to put different coloured ribbons over their leg or neck so that you can identify them instantly. They can all look similar after birth, but you should differentiate them. It will help guide the vet about their conditions.

Try to avoid using name tags. They are too similar, and you will need to look closely at them. Newborn puppies don’t separate themselves from their mother in the initial days. The ribbons should be prominent enough to identify them from far away.

3.                  Whelping Temperature of a whelping bitch

The mother and the puppies should be kept in a warm environment, so they do not get cold. The room’s temperature should be moderate enough so that it doesn’t affect the mortality of the puppies.

Even though the puppies get enough warmth under their mother, you can still keep a heat lamp near them if they feel cold.

4.                  A Clean Whelping Area for when your whelping bitch needs it!

Placing a heat lamp near the puppies requires setting up some devices. These devices contain excess wires. Therefore you should make sure to arrange them, so they don’t mess with the animals. If the little puppies tangle in them, they can get seriously injured.

Apart from the wires, keeping the whelping area clean would be best by changing the sheets at least twice a day. Clean sheets can make the puppies comfortable enough to stay cozy in their whelping bed. They can trigger their stress levels if the place is dirty and hygienic.

5.                  Whelping Location

Where you will be whelping your first litter is critical. Make sure you set up the whelping box close to where you reside most in the house. Most people keep the whelping box in their lounge. However, the place should be quiet and peaceful enough for the puppies, so they do not get disturbed.

You might be wondering why keeping the whelping box close to you is essential. It is because you will be required to monitor and track the changes that occur in their growth. You must note every little detail, like unusual activity, so that it can help the vet treat them later.

Those whelping ribbons will help you keep track of all the puppies without mixing them up with each other. They will also help you remember them, only if they are constantly under your sight. That is why the location is significant for the caretaker.

6.                  Whelping Kit for a whelping bitch

You should keep a whelping kit ready before the puppies even come into this world. It should contain all the necessities that are essential for the puppies.

A)                 Towels

The kit should contain some towels to wrap the puppies in them if they feel cold. Temperature can have a significant impact on the health of those sensitive puppies. Therefore you should always be mindful of it.

B)                  Bulb Syringe Aspirator

A bulb syringe aspirator is also an essential part of the whelping kit. Sometimes the puppies would block their nose, which messes up their respiratory system. It sucks the mucus out of their system, which releases the pressure instantly. If you do not keep it at your best reach, they might die due to the blockage.

C)                  Syringes and Milk

You should also place some disposable syringes and supplement milk in the kit. Sometimes the mother dog cannot produce milk, so the supplement should be ready and within your reach to feed the puppies. Syringes help in giving milk to puppies.

D)                 Alcohol Prep Pads

Alcohol prep pads are also an essential part of your whelping kit. Cleaning and sanitizing your tools with alcohol is essential to avoid infection.

Conclusion on whelping bitch

Whelping your first litter can be exciting if you are invested in the process. However, if you take it as a burden, you won’t be able to enjoy even a bit of that whelping process. So try to enjoy every bit of it with those cute little puppies.

With the proper knowledge and accessories, you can quickly complete the whelping process of your first litter ever. We have listed six things you must remember if you are new to littering puppies. Hope they help you enjoy whelping your litter to the fullest.