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Whelping Box Benefits

Whelping Box – Features and Advantages for Puppies

Whelping Box BenefitsWhelping Box Benefits if you have a female dog that is about to give birth, a whelping box is something you will need sooner rather than later. Our Whelping boxes are specially designed to keep newborn puppies safe and warm during the initial days of their life.

In this blog, we will tell you what a whelping box is. Go over its unique features, and how those features can be advantageous for newborn puppies and even their mother. Other than that, we will also discuss the factors to consider while purchasing a whelping box, as well as the measures to take once your whelping box is home.

What is a Whelping Box?

Whelping is the process that begins with a dog’s pregnancy and concludes once she has delivered her litter – the word ‘whelp’ is used to referred to young ones or puppies. At the time of labor, a whelping box can serve as a safe, quiet place where the mother can give birth to her puppies.

And, once the puppies are born, the whelping box can be used to keep them safe and warm until they are old enough to regulate their body temperatures.

Benefits of a Whelping Box

1)    Ensures Temperature Control

As mentioned, puppies are unable to control their body temperature, which is why they need external sources of heat to keep them warm. This is particularly true for puppies born during the winter months.  A whelping box can prove extremely useful in this regard, providing protection against the cold and the wind.

You can make the box warmer by adding warm blankets or a heating pad so the pups and their mother can stay warm and comfortable.

2)    Ensures Safety

Puppies, even newborn ones, are rather frisky and energetic. However, they are also very delicate, and all that running and jumping around puts them at risk of serious injury. A whelping box spares you this concern, allowing your pups to reside safely within a confined yet comfortable space. They have ample space to move around in the box and play with the other pups, but they will be unable to get out of the box and expose themselves to danger.

At the same time, whelping boxes are designed in a way that allows the mother to easily get in and out of the box without accidentally hitting or injuring the puppies.

3)    Offers Privacy

As mentioned earlier, pregnant dogs need a quiet and private space where they can give birth. Alongside the usual apprehension of the process, the hormonal imbalance caused during pregnancy further contributes to distress and anxiety. First-time mothers are particularly anxious due to their fear of the unknown.

In such a situation, a whelping box can give your pregnant dog her much-need privacy, making her feel safer and calmer.

4)    Contains Anti-Crush Rails another Whelping Box Benefits

First-time dog mothers are naturally not adept at handling their kids. There is always the risk, even with experienced mothers, that they might roll over and smother one or more of their puppies.

The anti-crush rails present in whelping boxes help reduce this risk. These rails, also called roll-bars or pig rails. They are installed within the perimeter of the box and protect the puppies from being inadvertently smothered or crushed by their mother should she roll over during sleep or while birthing.

These rails are removable, and can be taken out once the puppies have grown up a bit.

5)    Portability Whelping Box Benefits

Whelping boxes are portable, which means you can change their position or even location without any difficulty. Some boxes are even collapsible, making them even easier to carry and move around.

Once your puppies have outgrown the whelping box, you can simply pack it away until your dog’s next pregnancy.

Getting Your Whelping Box Ready, Whelping Box Benefits

Now that you know all the reasons to get a whelping box. It is time to discuss a few important aspects that must be considered while buying one. As well as the things to do once you have made your purchase.

  • Make sure your whelping box comes with anti-crush rails that will keep your puppies from being smothered by their mother. These rails are even more important when the mother dog breed is a large one.
  • You can line the box with newspapers or mats. You could also use blankets, but there is a chance that the puppies may go under the blanket and smother themselves.
  • Whelping pads can also be used to line the box. These pads offer insulation and also help with urine absorption.
  • Choose a whelping box that is high enough to keep the puppies from getting out. Also low enough for the mother to comfortably enter and exit the box without putting her puppies in danger.
  • Buy a portable whelping box; you may need to change its location or carry it with you. Also make sure that the assembly and disassembly is easy and can be done without any professional assistance.
  • The box should be large enough for a heating pad should the weather get too cold for the pups or their mother. Make sure there is enough space for the puppies to move away from the pad in case they begin to feel too hot or uncomfortable.
  • Some whelping boxes come with built-in heat lamps or pads that can be used to keep the residents warm. A few boxes even contain IP cameras. These allow you to keep an eye on your pets during times you are physically away from them.

Final Word Whelping Box Benefits

A whelping box is an important and worthwhile purchase for anyone owning a pregnant dog. It can offer privacy and quiet during delivery. It ensures comfort, warmth, and safety for the puppies during the initial and extremely vulnerable phase of their life.

To explore our full range of whelping boxes and kits, please feel free to visit our website.