Whelping Boxes for Breeding

Breeding a litter can take a range of routes – it can be very straightforward, it can have small complications or on occasion it can require veterinary intervention. Generally if you are planning to breed from your bitch it is recommended that you have a good understanding of the breeding process, rearing puppies and can financially cope in the case of added costs. The first step is to choose a stud dog – it is sensible to make sure you see photos of previous litters and that the bitch and mate are similar size to prevent issues with size of puppies. Normally stud fees are paid up front and in some cases there is a “free return” clause where you may return with your bitch if she does not take on the first visit. Some stud owners will also ask for “pick of the litter” this means they will choose a puppy from your litter from their stud dog – they will take first preference from your puppies. This may be in place of the stud fee.

Once your bitch is confirmed to be expecting puppies it is an ideal time to prepare for the impending birth – having a range of items available at home can prevent last minute dashes or emergencies. Ideally every bitch should have a whelping box that she can get used to and make herself comfortable so she has a safe and quiet place to give birth. Whelping boxes are available from Petnap in a range of types from disposable one off use boxes or UPVC Plastic whelping boxes to hire. Having a whelping box available gives the bitch and her puppies a quiet retreat to get to know each other and a hygienic place for giving birth and rearing the pups. 

To order whelping boxes please visit www.petnap.co.uk