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Whelping Boxes

Whelping Boxes

Whelping Box

Whelping Boxes are a fundamental and highly important part of your pet’s life. As such, you need to ensure you are adequately prepared to deal with it when it happens.

Disposable whelping boxes are ideal for using as it means you can safely dispose of it after whelping. This negate the possibility of cross contamination.

Petnap is a company who provide whelping boxes to help support your pet during the process. There are also a range of products to go with your whelping boxes, which will keep your pet as comfortable as possible. These include the fleece lining and heat pad to ensure warm for your pet and the absorbent puppy pads.

Vet Fleece Bedding

Vet fleece is used to line the inside floor of whelping boxes. It makes for a warm and cosy place for the bitch to give birth in and the puppies a safe place.

Puppy Heat Pad

The heat pad is placed on top of the bedding mentioned above. It is there to ensure the puppies are getting enough heat when they are first born. This is a very important factor to whelping. If puppies fail to get enough warmth hypothermia can set in and could cause the death of the puppy.

There are also full whelping kits to help support yourself and your pet throughout the birthing process. These are ideal if you have never been through it before.

Petnap has a wide range of whelping products which are available at affordable prices and with fast delivery.

You can take a look around the store and find the most suitable items for your pet, by visiting you will find everything you could possibly need to carry out a successful whelping. We also have people on hand at the end of a phone or email to give advice. We can also answer any questions you may have about our products.