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Whelping Kit for Puppies

Whelping Kit for Puppies

Whelping Kit for Puppies

Whelping Kit for Puppies -you must have heard that animals can deliver babies in a natural environment without anyone’s help. However, if you have been raising one at your home, giving it all the care it needs, it might require you to take care of the birthing process.

Caring for a dog about to give birth to beautiful puppies is not easy. They are incredibly delicate and will need your extra attention and care. This delicacy will require you to prepare a whelping kit for them beforehand to avoid any inconvenience.

Preparing a whelping kit is not difficult; you can easily do it yourself without buying some of the most expensive and luxurious ones. Below are some basics you must remember before building your whelping kit. Scroll down to know more.

Whelping Pen

Newly born puppies are delicate enough to be kept in a safe environment. Curiosity makes them run around the house, creating a big mess for you to handle. It is inconvenient not only for you but for the puppies as well.

Running around the house while they are fragile after birth can be dangerous. A whelping pen helps them from coming out of an enclosed space repeatedly. It has high walls that are big enough for them, keeping all the puppies in one space.

Whelping pen prevents the puppies from crawling out of their den, which is made to provide them with comfort and warmth.

Ultimate Guide to Build Your Whelping Kit

A few things must be kept in the whelping kit for your breeding dog. An organised kit can save you from the trouble of finding the basics in a time of emergency. Following is the list of things that can make your whelping kit perfect for breeding dogs.

1.                  Small Towels

You will need to gather two kinds of towels; one for the mother and the other for the puppies. Breeding mothers drop their temperature before giving birth to the puppies. Therefore, you must arrange some towels or blankets to cover them adequately. The towels will save them from the cold.

As soon as the mother dog gives birth to the puppies, it would be best to wrap them up comfortably. Small towels will keep them warm against the outside temperature, saving them from getting cold.

You can also use these towels for wiping purposes to keep the area as clean as possible. A clean environment can relax the dog to give birth in peace.

A Pair of Scissors

Scissors will be required to cut the umbilical cord to separate the mother from her puppies. It is a must-have in building your whelping kit, which you should place at your best convenience.

Having clean and sterilised scissors can save them from getting severe infections.

2.                  A Record Sheet – Whelping Kit for Puppies

Since you will be required to take your dog and her puppies to the vet afterward, it is important to note everything. Whether it is the puppies’ birth time or an unusual activity you might have noticed, the vet should be aware of everything.

This information will help the vet treat them ideally without creating any blunders.

3.                  Umbilical Cord Clamps – Whelping Kit for Puppies

If the umbilical cord starts to leak blood, tightening up with a umbilical cord clamp this will help prevent the blood from flowing out.

4.                  Bulb Suction

A suction bulb is used to clear nostrils. It helps in clearing out the lungs of newborn puppies and ventilating them in an emergency. This device saves countless puppies from dying at the time of birth.

5.                  Disposable Gloves

It would be best if you kept your safety above all. Disposable gloves are a must-have for every whelping kit to save yourself from infections and diseases.

6.                  Puppy Scales

After the puppies are successfully born and have come into this world, you must measure their weight with a baby scale. Keeping track of their growth progress is a must to treat them accordingly.

7.                  Supplement Infant Milk – Whelping Kit for Puppies

If the puppies cannot suck milk out of their mother, you should keep a supplement of infant milk in the kit to give them instantly after being born.

Newly born puppies are already weak enough to miss out on their milk. You must take care of their food if they cannot take it from their mother dog.

8.                  Heating Mat

Newborn puppies can feel cold after being born, especially in winter. A heating mat can help them stay warm to avoid getting sick. Even a minor sickness can cause them to die at this stage, which is why you need to regulate their body temperature.

9.                  Rubbing Alcohol – Whelping Kit for Puppies

Every tool that you use must be washed and cleaned with alcohol so that it stays disinfected from multiple diseases and illnesses.

10.              Absorbant Pads

Even though you would cover the whelping area with sheets and blankets, a newspaper is still the best option. You can change it multiple times a day without washing it repeatedly.

Disposable accessories are always the best option to avoid germs and illnesses.

11.              Whelping Collars

Since your breeding dog will be giving birth to multiple puppies at a time, you will need to arrange ribbons of a different color for them to wear. Those ribbons will help you identify the puppies to be treated according to their condition.

Only some of the puppies have the same color and patterns. Therefore they must be given a tag to avoid getting mixed up with each other.

12.              Candles – Whelping Kit for Puppies

Electricity can betray you at any time of the day. If a power outage occurs at night, you might face difficulties delivering and calming the breeding dog. A candle would be the most convenient option to overcome this emergency.

Conclusion on Whelping Kit for Puppies

Building a whelping kit is easy if you know the right products required at that time. You can easily make one at home with a list of products mentioned in the above blog.

Buying luxurious ready-made whelping kits can be heavy on the pockets. Plus, they will contain only some of what you need and instead include some of the most unnecessary accessories. Therefore, building one of your own can be the most convenient and reasonable option for your breeding dogs.