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Whelping Supplement

Whelping Supplement

Calcium Liquid - Whelping Supplement

Whelping Supplement ‘s are an important part of a pet’s diet. Food alone will not result in your pet getting the required vitamins and minerals.

Pet supplements are particularly important during the growth phase of your furry friend. You should consider including them in your pet’s diet. Here are 8 benefits of adding dietary supplements for pet cats and dogs.

1. Improves Immune System

Giving supplements to your pet will help in improving the immune system. It will give a boost to the pet’s immune system by providing them with essential minerals and vitamins in the required quantity.

Supplements contain essential nutrients that are missing in commercially available pet food. Giving supplements will increase the resistance of your pet to common diseases.

Your pet’s ability to fight illnesses will increase when its body gets the essential nutrients. The quality and years of the life of your pet will increase if you give them regular supplements.

2. Boost Energy

Supplements also boost the energy of the pet. Senior pets will especially benefit as their ailing body will get a direct dose of the required nutrients.

Giving a supplement will boost the absorption rates of food. The focused delivery of food will optimize the intake of essential compounds that provide more energy to your pet.

Supplements containing coenzyme Q10 are helpful in energy metabolism. Ask your vet about the Co-Q10 supplement to boost the energy levels of your pet. The nutrient is also an antioxidant that results in the improved overall health of the pet.

3. Improved Digestive Health with a Whelping Supplement

A dose of dietary supplements for pets will improve the digestive system. Probiotic supplements are beneficial for healthy digestion. The supplements contain beneficial bacteria that line the digestive tract of all living beings.

The increase in bacteria within the gut will result in more efficient bowel movements. The combination of soluble food fibre and probiotics will boost the digestive health of the pet.

Giving supplements containing probiotics will reduce the likelihood of diarrhoea and other stomach ailments. The boost in probiotics will also reduce bad breath and address irritable bowel problems.

4. Addresses Vitamin Deficiency with a Whelping Supplement

Pets that don’t get the essential nutrients can suffer from various ailments. A lack of vitamins and minerals can lead to neurological problems. It will prevent healthy brain development in pets.

In addition, a lack of vitamins will also lead to a decrease in the body temperature which will make it susceptible to diseases. Other common signs of vitamin deficiency in pets include:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Blood clotting problems
  • Unhealthy fur
  • Skin problems

Giving supplements will help in meeting vitamin deficiencies. Meeting the vitamin requirements will prevent musculoskeletal and blood disorders. It will protect your pet against repeated infections. Supplements are especially beneficial for pregnant and whelping dogs allowing them to remain healthy during and post pregnancy.

5. Effects on Healthy Skin using a Whelping Supplement

A regular dose of supplements in the required quantity will result in healthier skin for the pet. Meeting the vitamin requirements will allow the body to remain hydrated. It will boost the production of collagen which will result in healthier skin.

Fish oil containing Omega 3s is especially beneficial for the skin health of pets. Studies have shown that omega-3 supplements will prevent skin diseases such as ulcers, acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, and other skin issues.

6. Fight Cancer

Cancer is the leading cause of early death in pets. Giving supplements will improve the immune system of your pet dog or cat which will reduce the chances of developing cancer.

Omega 3 supplements are vital for pets. The nutrients prevent the formation of cytokines that lead to cancerous growth. The supplement can also give a boost to a pet undergoing radiation treatment.

7. Anxiety Treatment

Pet supplements can also help in the treatment of anxiety. Vets sometimes recommended Cannabidiol (CBD) for pets to get relief from anxiety problems.

CBD supplements do not cause high in pets. The supplements don’t contain THC which causes a euphoric feeling. They are available in different forms including gels, treats, oils, and more. But you should not give CBD supplements without consulting with your vet.

8. Reduce Signs of Aging

Dietary supplements for pets can also reduce the signs of aging. Supplements containing antioxidants reduce the free radicals inside the body. The reduction of free radicals minimizes the damage to the body cells.

Your pet can live a long healthy life when they are given supplements containing antioxidants. Look for supplements containing bioflavonoids that are derived from plants. Bioflavonoids provide the benefits of antioxidants improving the overall health of the pet.

8. Reduce Heart Problems with a Whelping Supplement

A lot of pets die early due to heart problems. A regular dose of supplements containing essential nutrients will help improve the pet’s heart function.

Supplements containing Omega-3 fatty acids will reduce health diseases. A recommended dosage of commercial fish oil is one capsule containing 210 mg DHA and 180 mg EPA per 10 pounds of the weight of the dog.

Giving supplements will provide anti-inflammatory benefits reducing the likelihood of heart failure. In addition, it will lead to improved energy metabolism in the cells of the heart muscles. The risk of arrhythmias or irregular heart movement also decreases with the proper dosage of supplements containing omega-3 acids.

Supplements containing taurine are beneficial for heart health. Giving grain-free and processed food results in a deficiency of taurine. You need to meet the taurine requirement of your pet by giving supplements containing this compound in the required dosage.

Conclusion on Whelping Supplement

An important thing to remember about pet supplements is that they are not a substitute for a healthy diet. As the name suggests, supplements are additional dietary food items that boost the health of a pet. You should include the recommended quantity of supplements in the main diet of the pet.

Make sure that you follow your vet’s recommendations when giving supplements. Giving more than the recommended amount can cause health problems for your pet.

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