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Whelping Supplies Checklist

The Whelping Supplies Checklist

whelping supplies

Even if you’ve assisted in the delivery of numerous litters, it’s always a good idea to make a whelping supplies checklist to make sure you have everything you might need for that important occasion. For their first litter, novices shouldn’t whelp by themselves. Having knowledgeable or experienced support and direction can frequently mean the difference between happiness and disaster.

You may easily find some of these goods at your neighbourhood drugstore or medical supply store. Other things could be more difficult to locate local and might be better ordered online. However, throughout the last trimester of your bitch’s pregnancy, you must always have access to your whelping materials swiftly and efficiently.

Whelping supplies checklist

To be prepared in case something unexpected occurs while your dam is giving birth, you will need essential items. Although there is a very tiny possibility that you will use it, a good whelping supply list must be thorough; in fact, you should prefer not to need it. While your bitch is nearing the conclusion of her pregnancy, you must always have access to your whelping materials swiftly and easily.


Hemostats were initially made to clamp tiny blood arteries to stop bleeding. To grip and hold onto superficial fascia while eroding and débriding wounds is another usage. The deeper regions of a wound can be exposed, explored, and visualised using this equipment.

Gloves & Lubricant for Surgery

Using surgical gloves is a routine procedure to avoid infections at the surgical site and to safeguard the surgeon. Wearing these, however, could adversely damage the hand’s sensitivity, especially in fields that need precision work. Avoid handling the puppies or the mother with your bare hands to avoid spreading your unclean bacteria to them.

Puppy identification ribbons

Sometimes all that is required when a puppy needs help is a checkup every few hours to monitor development. You might check the wrong pups in some litters because they all seem similar. You can’t take them away from their mother, therefore to identify your puppy, you might have to tie a delicate ribbon around its foot or tail.

Dental Floss

Dogs must regularly clean their teeth and floss to avoid dental decay and freshen their breath, just like people do. Some people may find it absurd to brush and floss their dog’s teeth, yet doing so can save money on tooth extractions. And even add years to your dog’s life.

By acquiring a flossing bone, you can give your dog the best oral hygiene experience. Fluoride and baking soda are found in these bones, which have a rope-like appearance.

Whelping Thermometer

Having a thermometer on hand makes it easy to take your dog’s temperature as soon as you realise they’re not feeling well. If your veterinarian needs to visit, you’ll have the information they need if you do it this way.

Or perhaps you need a trusted thermometer to monitor your female dog’s approaching labour. In either case, having the best thermometer available will help you take care of your dog while they are ill while also saving you time.

Round-Tipped Scissors

Although you might use conventional scissors, round-tip scissors are safer, particularly when working with pups who are more delicate. If you need to cut the umbilical cord for one or more puppies, they are useful.

Emergency Resources supplies

To tie umbilical cords, you’ll need sterile scissors, protective gloves, antiseptic solution, and heavy thread or dental floss. For a few “just in case” instances, these things are essential.

Additionally, because most whelping happens in the early morning hours, make sure you have the phone numbers for both your normal veterinarian and an after-hours animal emergency facility available.

Unused Towels stacked up

If necessary, the puppies can be cleaned off using them.

A heating pad

To maintain puppy warmth while being held. In addition to the soft pad that is often provided, I would wrap the pad in a towel. You don’t want to overheat those puppies and cause them to become dehydrated. So, pay attention to the heat setting and keep it at or below body temperature.

Whelping Box

Puppies will spend the first 20+ days of their lives in a whelping box, sometimes called a nesting box. Your dog can give birth safely in a whelping box or whelping bed. It is a secure and perfect setting for the delivery of your pregnant dog. There are several types, ranging from cardboard to reusable plastic whelping boxes.

It is advisable to use bedding materials that are soft, warm, have high traction, and are simple to clean. And disinfect because you will also need to keep the box warm. Avoid hay, straw, or shavings since they might irritate the eyes and skin.

The container needs to be roomy enough for your female dog to roam around in while also being compact enough for her to keep her puppies close by. Your dog should be able to readily jump over the opening step to get out, but it should be high enough to prevent the puppies from accidentally escaping when mom isn’t looking. A whelping box that can be easily cleaned is necessary because birth might be messy and new puppies are not yet housebroken.


To better care for their newborn puppies, dog owners should be knowledgeable of the Basic Whelping supplies Puppies Checklist.

So, these are the things you need to whelp puppies. You should have a whelping kit available if you have a pet that is pregnant. I’ve outlined the essential supplies that every breeder must have’ at home. Owners of dogs should prepare thoroughly before whelping puppy litters.

But always keep in mind that you should first speak with your pet’s veterinarian to ask for advice. And inform him or her about the pregnancy so that you may contact them directly in an emergency.