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Many catteries and Kennels throughout the UK use our flexiguard heat pads. Made for the unpredictable pet in mind these can with stand chewing and a high level of moisture. The flexiguards heat pads are made to a high finish with a protective coating to be removed once you receive your heat pad. Made from aluminium alloy so should never suffer from rust.

For many years Petnap have been supplying catteries and kennels with our metal flexiguard pet heat pads. Our flexiguard metal pet heat pads are designed to be used in environments where the cat or dog may be unpredictable with regards to behaviour and is likely to chew. The cable that supplies the power to the pet heat pad is covered in a metal armouring which prevents the cat or dog from chewing it. As our flexiguard heat pads are so popular amongst catteries and kennels we have set up a section on our website for you to buy them at a discounted rate when purchasing a pack of 10 we also supply these direct to vets. Other popular uses are for hedgehogs, guinea pigs, rabbits and have also been used agricultural industry for baby lambs.
Pet Bed Wash 1 Litre

Pet Bed Wash 1 Litre 11.99

Ultra Absorbent pads

Ultra Absorbent pads 62.40

5 Litre Bio Safe

5 Litre Bio Safe 59.28

20 Litre Odor Killer

20 Litre Odor Killer 180.48

20 Litre Pet Bed Wash

20 Litre Pet Bed Wash 155.99

20 Litre Cat Disinfectant

20 Litre Cat Disinfectant 180.48

20 Litre SupaClean

20 Litre SupaClean 101.99

20 Litre Parvo-Virucide

20 Litre Parvo-Virucide 180.48

Stay Fresh Cat Litter Deodoriser

Stay Fresh Cat Litter Deodoriser 4.56