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Giant Heat Pad Instructions

Giant Vinyl Heat Pad 82 x 62cm

The Petnap Vinyl Heat Pad is designed to be used with domestic pets. It is lightweight, portable, safe and easy to use.
This heat pad provides a very gentle heat and will work with the combined heat and body weight of you pet.
In free air the heat pad may not feel very warm to the touch. To mimic the correct operating conditions place an object such as a pillow (to represent your pet) on to the heat pad, leave the pad on for 30mins and then feel the temperature on the surface of the cover. This will now be a comfortable temperature, close to body warmth.

If your pet is unable to move themselves freely from the heat pad, then we would advise you not to use it, an example of this could include (but not limited to) in a veterinary centre when a pet is being operated on and generally under some form of anesthetic.

Instructions for use:
Only use the heat pad for animals.
As with any heater, if your pet is old, ill or unable to shift position by themselves (including newborn puppies etc) please make sure you alter their position regularly this could be as often as every 10 minutes or less.

The heat pad is provided with a removable cover; do not use the heat pad without the cover.
DO NOT COVER with cushions, blankets. Place the pad in its cover ON TOP of your existing bedding. It will become floppy when warm and mould to the existing bedding.
The Cover is machine washable at 40°. Do not tumble dry.
The inner heat pad can be wiped down with a mild Milton solution.
Do not immerse the inner heat pad or power cord in water or other liquids.
Ensure the heat pad is dry before use.
Do not pull the heat pad by the power cord. Do not use the power cord as a handle.
Inspect the unit regularly to ensure the inner pad is not folded or rucked. Use of the pad whilst folded or rucked could result in hot spots occurring which will damage the heat pad - and invalidate the warranty.
Carefully examine the inner heat pad before each use and discard if the inner heat pad shows any signs of deterioration (such as blistering or cracking)
When using the heat pad in an enclosed space such as a kennel, please ensure the heat pad covers no more than half the available floor space so that your pet is able to sleep on or off the heat pad.
Ensure the heat pad is completely dry before storage – store in a clean, dry place.
We recommend always using in conjunction with an RCD.

This heat pad is not suitable for animal which may chew it– please see our website www.petnap.co.uk for details of our Metal Flexiguard Petnap range.

Please Note – For Health and Hygiene reasons we cannot accept the return of Cosi-Covers which are covered in pet hair/fur – please retain the cover.

Technical Specifications:
Input: AC 230V 50Hz
Output: 80 Watts

6 Month Limited Return to Base Warranty