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Heated Pet House

Heated Pet House Medium / Large

The Petnap Heated Pet House with padded Vinyl Heat Pad is designed to be used with domestic pets. It is lightweight, portable, safe and easy to use. Ideal for use in the home or out building.
This heat pad provides a very gentle heat and will work with the combined heat and body weight of your pet.

In free air the heat pad may not feel very warm to the touch. To mimic the correct operating conditions place a book of substantial weight (to represent your pet) on to the heat pad, leave the pad on for 30mins and then feel the temperature on the surface of the cover. This will now be a comfortable temperature, close to body warmth.

Instructions for use:
Only use the item for intended purpose.
As with any heater, if your pet is old, ill or unable to shift position by themselves (including newborn puppies etc) please make sure you alter their position regularly.

DO NOT place cushions etc on top of the heat pad - it will insulate it too much.
The Bed can be hand cleaned with a sponge/cloth and left to dry.
The inner heat pad can be wiped down with a mild Milton solution.
Do not immerse the inner heat pad in water or other liquids.
Ensure the heat pad is dry before use.

Do not pull the heat pad by the power cord. Do not use the power cord as a handle.
Carefully examine the inner heat pad before each use and discard if the inner heat pad shows any signs of deterioration (such as blistering or cracking)

Ensure the heating pad is completely dry before storage - store in a clean, dry place.
This heat pad is not suitable for animal which may chew it.

Technical Specifications:
Input: AC 230V 50Hz
Output: 20 Watts (Medium)
Output: 45 Watts (Large)

6 month Limited Return To Base Warranty
After its useful life this item must be recycled and NOT placed in household waste

Assembly Instructions:

1. Remove all items from the packaging (4 Items in total)

2. Fix corners together via Velcro fasteners (Cream colour outside) (Black colour inside)

3. Place heated cushion or plan cushion inside Cream/White section uppermost inside. (Note the heated Cushion must have the cable/plug exiting through the square hole in the corner of the house.

4. Pull cable through square hole on the side of the house so all the cable is on the outside of the house. (Note if you are using the plan unheated cushion there will be no cable.

DON'T place both cushions inside the house together, this will limit the entrance and exit flaps from opening.

5. Place the roof on top of the house and zip up along each side. (NOTE THE ROOF ONLY GOES ON ONE WAY AROUND IF THE ZIP APPEARS TO ABSENT YOU HAVE IT AROUND THE WRONG WAY.