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What makes a dog a great companion? Whether you are young or old, your pet dog will give you unconditional love, loyalty and companionship throughout their lives. Of course, many of us have our own preferred breeds, perhaps ones we have grown up with ourselves or we have friends with that have captured our interests through working dogs which are chosen for particular traits.

Unlike cats, the variation between dog breed can be immense- imagine the difference between a tiny Chihuahua and an enormous Great Dane! Not only do they have completely different needs in terms of exercise, nutrition and care, they grow at completely different speeds and have lifespans of different lengths. A standard small "toy breed" will be fully grown at around one year of age and can have a life expectancy of up to 20, whereas larger breeds - Great Dane, St Bernard and others of this size will continue to grow until around 24 months with a much shorter life span o on average 5-6 years.

No matter what breed, type, size or lifestyle of dog you will always want to provide your pet with the very best care to maintain health, wellbeing and happiness. A happy dog requires exercise relative to the type of dog - carrying the type always keeps your dog interested for example ball games one day and a run in the park the next - a diet tailored to his nutrition needs and his own space within your home to rest and relax.

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