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Dog Beds – Whats the best type?

Best Type of Dog Beds

Best type of dog beds


There are many benefits to having beds for your dog. Most importantly, your dog has a designated spot where it can relax and feel at ease. It is also great for pet owners since it keeps hair that is shed and odours contained in one place.

Dogs also have a habit of scratching with their paws and often bring dirty and muddy paws from going outdoors. When they have their own space, dogs are free to do with it as they please without being scolded or told off by their owners for making a mess and damaging rugs and upholstery.

Features To Consider When Choosing the Best Type of Dog Beds

Dog beds are easily available in many different sizes, types, and materials. Petnap are well-reputed stores in the UK which deliver worldwide and have more than 30 years of experience dealing with the manufacturing and supplying of pet-related equipment. You name it, and we’ve got it.

We have an excellent staff that can guide and help you with any queries you might have regarding the best bed for your dog.

The Size of Dog Beds

The size of your dog’s bed should be according to the size of your dog. It should be big enough to allow your furry friend to spread its legs and sleep comfortably without feeling too cramped. Ideally, the bed should measure 5 inches longer and wider than your dog.

The Material Dog Beds are made from

If your dog is a big chewer, it is essential to get a bed made of high-quality and robust material so that it does not get damaged easily. If you take your dog out camping and hiking, then it is important that you get a bed that is water-resistant and easy to wash and clean.

The Shape

Dog beds come in many shapes, depending on what your dog prefers. They come in oval or round shapes, or they may come in square or rectangular shapes. Some dogs like to go around in a circle before lying down to sleep. For that, they like round or doughnut-shaped beds.

The Height of Dog Beds

The height of the dog’s bed depends on your dog’s preference and their age and health. Younger dogs like slightly elevated beds as they are used to lounging on the sofas and beds around the house. They prefer being in a raised position so that they can get a better view of their surroundings. But, with old age, dogs tend to develop certain diseases.

Arthritis is very common in adult dogs. This is a degenerative disease that affects the cartilage between the joints and causes the joints to become stiff, swollen, and painful.

It makes it difficult for the suffering dog to go up and down the stairs and climb in and out of elevated places. Dogs suffering from arthritis do not like being in elevated beds and are unable to climb in and out of their bed. For them, lower beds are a better option.

Heated or Non Heated

Dog beds that are placed outdoors, such as kennels and dog tents, are available in heated options as well. This is to prevent dogs from catching a cold and getting ill during cold winter nights.

Covered or Open

If your dog is shy and likes crawling into enclosed spaces to sleep, then a kennel or a tent house would be best for your dog. If you don’t have much space indoors or have other pets like cats, you can get a kennel or a dog house to place outside in your yard or garden. Outdoor kennels and dog houses come in heated and non-heated types.

Where Should You Place the Dog’s Bed

Here are some important points to consider when choosing a location for your dog’s bed.

Try Not to Make Your Dog Sleep Outdoors

Unless your dog is meant to be a guard dog, it is not the best idea to make it sleep outdoors. It can get very cold at night, and thieves and/or harsh weather are always a risk.

Choose a Quiet Spot

Try to choose a spot that is not too noisy and away from the hustle and bustle of the house, like the front door or the kitchen. It could ideally be in a room that is least used in the house or a corner in your own bedroom. Some people also place their dog’s bed in the laundry room.

So long as it is not noisy and isn’t too hot or too cold, you can place your dog’s bed accordingly. You may also test one spot out to see if your dog slept okay or not.

Choose a Spot That Is Not Under Direct Heat or the Air Conditioning

Just as you wouldn’t want to get too hot or too cold while sleeping at night, in the same way, you shouldn’t place your dog’s bed just under the air conditioning or too close to a heat source.

Be Consistent

Whichever location you choose, it shouldn’t be changed too often. Dogs get uncomfortable and stressed if their sleeping spot is changed constantly. Unless it is absolutely necessary to change the location, it’s best to stick to one spot.

Choose the Best type of dog Beds for Your Dog

There are all sorts of dog beds available. You can choose between elevated ones, low ones, plastic ones, fabric ones, heated ones, and non-heated ones. Available in many sizes, you can choose the one that suits your dog best.

Contact Petnap for the best dog beds and accessories you would require for your dog. Being the best in our business, we have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying pet products.


Dogs are social animals and like being around humans. Their beds should not be placed too far away from where everyone is. Choose the best type of bed for your dog. Ensure a happy and healthy relationship between you and your dog.