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Buy a Whelping Kit – Puppies are the cutest little beings requiring your tender care after birth. One can only take care of those puppies if one knows their needs ultimately. Buying a whelping kit for puppies is relatively easy. However, it would be a waste if you needed to learn how to use them.

After learning about how to take care of the puppies, you must grab your hands on one of the best whelping kits in town. There are several different whelping kits available in the market for your little puppies.

It is tough to decide which one of the kits is perfect to be used in emergencies. Therefore, we are listing below some of the best ones that can be considered reliable for your animals. Scroll down to know more.

1.Whelping Matters Kit

One of the largest and most reliable online places to buy a whelping kit for your puppies. The Puppy saver a life whelping kit includes several necessities at the time of birth.

It includes a pair of sterile scissors to be used for cutting the umbilical cord. It also contains forceps, which are required to hold the cord before you cut it. The kit also includes a sterile bulb aspirator, which is very important for sucking out any liquid or fluid from the nose or throat that can threaten them.

All the items included in the kit are thoroughly sterilized and can be used for a single time. Even if you do reuse them, make sure to sterilize them once again correctly.

The official website also contains many other whelping kits with many options available for accessories.

2.Petnap Whelping Kit – Buy a Whelping Kit

The official website of Petnap contains a whelping kit with various accessories available that are a must-have in case of emergencies. It contains around thirty items needed after the puppies come into the world.

It contains puppy ID bands, a scented disposable bag, whelping pad, a disposable apron, vinyl gloves, Milton sterilizing tablets, an alcohol swab, cotton wool balls, flannel, sponge, spencer wells forceps, hand sanitizer, 5ml syringe, 2ml syringe, lactol feeding kit, puppy formula, disposable pulp kidney dish, digital thermometer, stethoscope, scissors, LED torch, scales, and nasal aspirator.

The variety of options this kit contains makes it a priority for people to buy. Their products are considered reliable as they are made with suitable quality materials. It contains everything that a person might need while delivering the puppies safely.

They provide worldwide shipping, making it the most likable product. The reviews given by the customers contain 4.5 stars overall, making it an excellent product.

3.Whelping Supplier- Basic Whelping Kit

The official website of Whelping Suppliers offers a basic whelping kit perfect for those not looking for a long-term product. You can consider it a disposable whelping kit since most of its contents can only be used for a single time.

The best part is that you can add or subtract the accessories you think you might not need, which will alter the price accordingly.

You can include a digital thermometer, sterile lubricating gel, silicone suction bulb, large absorbent pads, latex examination gloves, aim antibacterial hand sanitizer, disposable kidney dish, unwaxed dental floss, alcohol prep swabs, povidone-iodine prep pads.

It also contains mosquito forceps, surgical scissors, troy puppy and kitten worming syrup, whelping temperature chart, litter birth record, litter growth record, litter development milestones record, and litter health record.

They deliver orders to different parts of the globe. The delivery option makes it a perfect option to order while sitting in the comfort of your home.

The products are made with high-quality material, making them a convenient and reliable option for people to buy.

4.Relax Whelping Kit

The official website Relax offers the best whelping kits for your puppies. One of the best options from many kits is the Relax Whelping Kit. This comprehensive kit contains several must-have products if you own a breeding dog.

The kit includes an iodine bottle, sterilizing tablets, hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, an apron, fast aid wipes, sterile lubricant, hygiene wipes, a bulb aspirator, a tray, cord clamps with a guide, and cord scissors.

It also contains sterile forceps, stainless steel scissors, a thermometer, sterile syringes, cotton wool, whelping box pads, cotton towels, a milk kit, sterile gloves, a stethoscope, and a giant heating pad.

Even though they are not a replacement for the vet, the kit still contains every essential possible thing one might need at delivery. If you learn how to properly use these accessories, they can save the lives of those delicate puppies.

Customers have written great reviews about this kit since it is convenient for everyone, whether they are a professional in handling animals or doing it for the first time.

5.Megs Breeder Kit

This whelping kit is slightly different from the others since it contains no accessories. Instead, it contains all the sheets and logs one might need to track everything.

Noting everything down in a panic situation can be complex and challenging. However, it is essential to track every little detail, which can help the vet later in official treatment.

The meg’s breeder kit contains around forty pages with multiple logs, which include birth certificate templates, new owner information log, available puppies register, sire records, dam records, vaccination tracker, worming tracker, and puppy wellness tracker.

It also contains a puppy weight growth tracking chart, puppy weight tracker, puppy temperature tracker, bottle feeding tracker, litter log, postpartum dam health tracker, whelping records, and buyers and deposits log.

Some might seem irrelevant and unnecessary, but they might help the vet in ways you cannot imagine.


Whelping kits are a lifesaver for people who don’t have the time to gather everything themselves. They contain all the necessities that one might need at the time of delivering the puppies. Even though going to a vet is a safer option, if by any means you cannot do so, these kits are a must-have in case of emergency.

We have listed above some of the best whelping kits we could find online. The whelping kit from Petnap stays in our recommendation, but several options are still available.