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Buying a Whelping Kit

Buying a Whelping Kits for Your Dog

Buy a Whelping Kit

Buying a Whelping Kit when you find out that your dog is pregnant, the first thing that should be on your checklist is a whelping kit. As an owner, you must do everything to ensure that the birthing process is comfortable and safe for your dog and her puppies.

Most pet suppliers that sell whelping kits, such as Petnap, have numerous types to choose from. This can make the choice of choosing a whelping box slightly complicated. For these reasons, we have compiled this thorough guide on purchasing whelping kits and the things you must consider to get the most suitable one.

What Are Whelping Kits and why should I Buy a Whelping Kit?

First, let’s discuss what whelping kits are. Whelping refers to the process of giving birth to kittens. Hence, whelping kits include supplies and items that facilitate this whelping process for your dogs to make them comfortable, easy, and safe.

This is the most crucial thing you need when your dog is about to give birth. This is because it keeps the new-born puppies safe from other animals in the home, keeps them warm, and keeps the mother and puppies germ-free and clean.

Most first-time dog owners are unaware of how to ensure the safe birth of their dog puppies. They should follow an essential list of materials and things they need for whelping, which we will discuss in this guide. This involves things that will aid in the care and aftercare of the puppies and mothers.

Purchasing Whelping Kits: Top Tips

The whelping kit can contain tons of things, but the most important aspect is perhaps the whelping box, as it makes all of the difference to the whelping process. Here is everything you need to consider and the tips to follow when purchasing a whelping kit and particularly a whelping box, for your dog:

The Material of the Whelping Box

The material is the first and most important consideration because whelping boxes come in various materials. For example, you can get it in cardboard, plastic, steel, and wooden forms.

Wooden, plastic, and steel are the best material choices for whelping boxes since they are durable and can be reused. They are also easy to clean.

The same cannot be said for cardboard boxes; they get easily damaged since puppies urinate in them, and there may be blood.

Your Dog’s Size when looking at Buying a Whelping Kit

The mother needs to have plenty of room in the whelping box, especially after giving birth, because it can get crowded. You should get a smaller whelping box if you have a small dog. They will not be comfortable in a bigger box as it might give them too much space.

Alternatively, big dogs should have a bigger whelping box. Ideally, the whelping box should be a suitable size to accommodate the dog and give them space to move around and stay comfortably. It should thus not be too big or too small.

The Expected Litter Size

You should get this determined beforehand, as that will help you prepare the whelping kit more accurately. ook up the regular litter size of your dog’s specific breed. You must simply ensure enough room in the whelping box for the mother and her babies.

Similarly, if you plan to let your dog continue breeding, you should get a reusable whelping box, such as a plastic or steel one. While pricey, these may help you save in the longer term. Petnap has various reusable whelping box options you can check out.

If you don’t plan to continue breeding, you can get a disposable whelping box from Petnap.

The Space Requirements

Another factor worth considering is where you will place the whelping box. You should consider where to keep the box and whether there will be enough room for it as it should not be cramped up.

If you don’t have too much space, you might need to consider getting a smaller whelping box in this case.

Your Dog’s Temperament

Nearly every dog has a change in temperament during or after giving birth and tends to get slightly aggressive, which is what you need to consider. You should give them enough space to move around and be comfortable, so they don’t get too agitated.

However, if your dog has more of a calm temperament and a ‘motherly’ nature, you should get a smaller whelping box. This way, she can be closer to her babies and better able to care for them.

Lastly, if your dog has a chewing habit, you might need to get a more durable whelping box, such as steel, as that is hard to choose.

Buying a Whelping Kit, The Checklist

The whelping kit includes more than just the whelping box. Hence, you should have a checklist of all the items and supplies you need for whelping. Or better yet, you can get a readymade whelping kit from Petnap that has all these essentials.

Besides the whelping box, a critical dog whelping kit tip is to have the following items on hand before your dog gives birth:

  • Surgical gloves
  • Thermometer
  • Dry cloth, newspaper, and towels
  • Heating lamp
  • Disposable syringes
  • Milk for your dog
  • Round-tip scissors for cutting the umbilical cord
  • Weighing scale, journal, and pen to note down details about the puppies

Get the Best Whelping Boxes and Kits from Petnap!

To conclude on Buy a Whelping Kit, first-time owners should ensure they are aware of the aforementioned materials needed to enhance the comfort and safety of their dog and puppies. Having these on hand is the best strategy, as your end goal should be having healthy puppies.

The dog’s whelping box and supplies play a critical role in the safety of the puppy and dog, which is why you should get the highest quality ones. First-time dog owners should consider buying a readymade whelping kit from Petnap as it is the easiest and most convenient choice. You could also browse your options for a whelping box from our website!