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Dog Boarding Kennel

Dog Boarding Kennel

Things to Consider When Selecting a Dog Boarding Kennel

Dog Boarding Kennel when you’re going on vacation, attending an event, or simply need a night out, selecting the right boarding kennel for your pup can make all the difference. Choosing the right kennel is essential to ensure your furry friend has a comfortable and enjoyable stay while you’re away. Here are some things to consider when selecting a dog boarding kennel.


Choosing a dog boarding kennel can be an intimidating task. The first aspect to consider is location, as you’ll want your pup to stay somewhere close to home or your job. You should also take into consideration the surrounding area. Try to pick a kennel in a safe environment with low traffic, as that will give you extra peace of mind knowing that your pet is safe and secure.

The best way to vet potential dog boarders is to visit the facility and meet with staff before making the final decision. By taking the time to research local kennels and their locations thoroughly, you can ensure that your four-legged friend has a comfortable, stress-free experience while they are away from home.


When looking for a dog boarding kennel, size is a key factor that should be taken into consideration. The kennel should have the space necessary to let your pup run and play without being too cramped. Furthermore, there should be separate spaces designated for feeding and sleeping in order to guarantee that your pup has an enjoyable and comfortable stay.

If possible, you may even prefer to look for a kennel with lush outdoor areas and plenty of shade for those particularly warm days. By choosing the right-sized dog boarding kennel, you can rest assured that your furry friend will have the best experience possible while you’re away.


Temperature is an important factor to consider when selecting a dog boarding kennel. Not only should the temperature inside the facility be comfortable – neither too hot nor too cold – but it should also remain consistent throughout all hours of the day, as drastic fluctuations in temperature can make a dog uncomfortable or even ill.

In addition to considering interior temperature, you may also want to confirm that any outdoor area designated for walking and play time is adequately shaded from direct sunlight and has access to water so that your pup has ample opportunities for respite from the elements during their time away from home. Choosing a kennel with modern climate control systems ensures that your pet is able to enjoy the safe, optimal environment they need while you’re away.


Vaccination records are incredibly important when selecting a dog boarding kennel, so it’s important to make sure the kennel requires proof of vaccination prior to offering its services. Not only can the animal be exposed to dangerous conditions when coming in contact with other animals, but there is also the potential that your pet could come in contact with disease from unvaccinated animals or from the staff at the kennel.

It’s, therefore, in your best interest to ensure that all animals on-site are vaccinated to avoid any health risks from contact with other animals. Additionally, make sure you’re familiar with the vaccination requirements for dogs outlined by your state and that the boarding facility adheres to them for your pet’s safety and well-being.

Cleanliness & Comfort of the Dog Boarding Kennel

When deciding where to board your pup, it is extremely important to keep cleanliness as one of your top priorities. Take some time to inspect the boarding kennel and observe its environment–you want to make sure everything appears in good condition, and there are no unpleasant odours. Make sure the facility is well-ventilated and that there are comfortable places for your pup to rest.

Furthermore, it is a great idea to ask about their cleaning procedures, including if they use any kind of disinfectants or pet-friendly cleaners that are designed to keep the area safe and sanitary for pets. Your furry friend will be more relaxed during their stay if the environment is pleasant and clean!

Keeper Qualifications & Safety Protocols

It’s important to make sure that any potential facility is staffed by employees who have experience. Dealing with animals and who understand how to handle them properly. Ask about qualifications and safety protocols, such as appropriate restraint techniques in case of emergency situations.

You should also inquire about whether they have specific protocols in place. In case of fire or natural disasters like earthquakes or floods. So that you know your pet will be safe in the event of an emergency.   Finally, ask what type of veterinary care they offer in case your pup needs medical attention. While they are staying at the kennel. This will help ensure that your furry friend receives quality care if needed during their stay.

Activities & Amenities at your chosen Dog Boarding Kennel

One way to make sure that your pup has a great time while being boarded. Is by ensuring that there are plenty of activities available for them throughout the day! Enquire about what kinds of activities are offered at the kennel. Such as walks around a designated area. Playtime with other pups. Supervised group playtime, grooming services, etc., so that you know what kind of experience awaits them during their stay!

Also, ask about amenities such as bedding options or toys. So that you can customise their stay according to their individual needs and preferences!

Contact Details

While it can be stressful to leave your pet in a kennel. Taking the right precautions and trusting the right people can help alleviate that feeling. Before leaving your animals, make sure you do your research and only select a reliable kennel. When assessing the facility. It is important also to make sure details for who to contact in case of an emergency are available.

They should include your personal contact information. Information for your veterinarian. As well as a family member or friend should they need to get any additional assistance. This will help put all parties at ease, so your four-legged friends have the best care while you’re away!

Conclusion on Dog Boarding Kennel

So, whether you’re planning a summer vacation or just need a day away. Be sure to choose a boarding kennel that will make your pup feel at home. By considering the factors we’ve outlined, you can find the perfect spot for your four-legged friend. Rest assured, knowing they are in good hands! Don’t forget to stock up on their favourite toys and treats before you go. At Petnap, we’ve got everything your cat needs to feel comfortable while you’re away.