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Dog Training Equipment

Dog Training Equipment

Dog Training

Dog Training whether you have just introduced a new dog or puppy to your family and home or want to teach your dog some new tricks, it is essential to have a few dog training products in your arsenal. These will help make the process of training smoother and easier to carry out.

Training is essential when you have a canine as it makes everything in their daily routine easier to carry out, including walks, feeding, playtime, and more. Luckily, you don’t need a lot of tools to make this possible; just a few essentials would suffice.

This guide will highlight all of the equipment you need to train your dog to become well-behaved. Before you begin the process, be sure to buy these must-have products and tools.

Dog Training Tools

Regardless of how you train your dog, you will need a few pieces of equipment to make the process easier. This is true even if you are only training your dog with the basics. The right kind of essentials will make any kind of training successful.

Here are the essential tools and equipment that can make training your dog a breeze:

1.      Target Stick

These are long sticks that can be used for basic training or for complex tasks like bowing or spinning. Target sticks may vary from plain, long sticks to fancier ones with clickers. There may also be portable versions of these sticks, which could be folded for storage purposes.

The dog training tool aids in keeping your dog on target during walks or while teaching them tricks. However, you don’t necessarily need a target stick since you can make one home through a DIY project. All you need is a wooden spoon.

2.      Dog Collar

Collars are absolutely essential for your dog, and luckily, there are different kinds of collars you can choose for your canine pet. For example, you can get a flat collar for your dog, which carries their ID and details. This is a common type of collar and a suitable choice if your dog likes to run freely and might get lost.

Whichever type of collar you get, it is imperative to avoid corrective collars since these are not suitable while training your canine pet. Moreover, it is generally a good idea to pair a collar with a harness, especially for hard-to-train dogs, since this discourages pulling.

3.      Different Types of Leashes

Another must-have for pet owners when they have to train their dogs is to get a sturdy leash. There are many types of leashes you can opt for, but it is recommended to choose one that is long and sturdy. A longer leash will give you more freedom when walking your dog while making it easier to control.

A good choice is one that is at least six feet long. This helps in controlling the dogs when needed. You must also ensure that the leash is as lightweight as possible.

Additionally, leather leashes are also a suitable choice since they are easy to grip and hold, flexible, and quite durable, even for the most uncontrollable and hyperactive dogs. The leash can help control dogs and prevent them from running off and getting lost, especially when you are training them with command words like ‘stop.’

Petnap has a variety of leashes you can choose from; there are ones that are ideal for puppies and others for hyperactive dogs since the leashes are shock-absorbent.

4.      Training Clicker for Dog Training

This is quite useful and essential dog training equipment that will make your training task much easier. A clicker helps reinforce positive and preferred behaviours in your pets. Hence, it is a great way to show your dogs exactly the kind of behaviour you want them to exhibit.

Clickers come in a variety of sizes, types, and shapes. You can either opt for a handheld one or one that is attached to a wristband. Some training clickers are also attached leashes for easy usage. Other than that, there are also clicker apps you can get.

The training clicker from Petnap is a good choice since it can be attached to your finger and delivers a consistent sound, which is ideal for training all types of dogs.

5.      Whistle

Another tool that is useful for reinforcing commands is a whistle. If you cannot find a training clicker, you can get a whistle. It can also be used to get your dog’s attention, especially if they are quite active dogs who are difficult to control.

Petnap has two types of whistles; one that is high frequency and ideal for longer distances. You can also adjust the frequency according to your preference. They also have a plastic whistle, but it does not have a high frequency. Regardless, it is suitable for long distances since it is quite loud.

6.      Treats

Treats are an incredibly useful way of positively reinforcing your dogs and keeping them motivated and interested in the training. For these reasons, you should have treats with you when training your canine pet. However, just any kind of treat is not enough when it comes to training your dog with treats.

You need special kinds of high-quality treats that are suitable for training, such as the ones from Petnap. These need to be small-sized so that they are easier to pack and carry. They should also be soft and easy to eat.

The treats from Petnap are ideal since they are perfectly sized and come in beef, poultry, and lamb flavours, which are every dog’s favourite. Additionally, they are also quite soft. Hence, these treats check each box when it comes to finding suitable treats for training dogs.

7.      Treats Pouch for Dog Training

Besides having the right treats, you also need to get a treats pouch where you can store them when you are training your dogs. These are especially useful while out on walks and when you are training your dog outdoors.

Additionally, some treat bags also come with various compartments and zippers for easy storage of different items, such as your personal items. Petnap has a training treat bag that can be attached to your hip. It also has a drawstring for opening and closing, making it quite easy to carry and use. The easy-to-clean bag also has multiple compartments for storing other items.

8.      Soft and Portable Training Mat

This is optional dog training equipment you can use specifically when you train your dog outdoors. This way, they will have a place to sit and relax when they get tired. A mat is also a suitable choice if you plan to take your dog out to cafes, restaurants, or other public places where you would want them to sit.

It is a good idea to get a soft, washable, and portable mat that you can use for training. It should also not be too big since you want one that is easy to carry and transport. However, you don’t need to spend too much money on such a mat; even a bath mat would suffice.

9.      Chew Toys

Another good idea for positive reinforcement while training your dog is to chew toys. These are specifically useful for playful dogs and puppies and would act as rewards for your dog. You should opt for chew toys because these will prevent your dog from developing the habit of chewing on undesirable objects, like household items.

Besides getting regular chew toys, you could also opt for dental ones since they enhance your dog’s oral hygiene. Sometimes, simply brushing their teeth is not enough, and you will need to get them such dental chew toys.

10.  Harness for Dog Training

This optional dog training product might be required for certain types of dogs. For example, it is recommended for dogs that cannot be sufficiently controlled with a collar. It’s also suitable if you have a dog that can easily wriggle out of a collar.

Petnap has soft, easy-to-wear harnesses that come in two types of sizes.

11.  Pet Crate

A pet crate is also an optional piece of dog training equipment and is not necessary for all kinds of dogs. You will only need a crate if you plan to undergo crate training for your dog. And this is only necessary if you plan to travel with them where a crate may be required.

12.  Agility Training Equipment

Agility training involves dogs walking through different types of obstacles that are made up of different types of walkways, tunnels, and more. Such training keeps your dog at its optimum mental and physical health.

For agility training your dog, you need to create such obstacle courses for your dog. Therefore, you will need agility training equipment. Petnap has a wide variety of agility training equipment, including tunnels, walkways, seesaws, and more.

Final Word on Dog Training

Dog training may require tons of patience, but it is quite a worthwhile experience. With the right aforementioned dog training products, you can make the process rewarding for you and your canine pet.

Petnap has high-quality dog training tools to aid in this process. Visit our website to learn more about us and shop for the best products to help train your dog.