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Pet Whelping Kit

Pet Whelping Kit

Pet Whelping Kit

Pet Whelping Kit, where to Buy the Best Whelping Kit for Your Pregnant Dog in the UK?

Whelping is the process of a female dog giving birth. Whether you’re a breeder or a pet owner, your female dog needs special care for this painful but special process. Having a healthy offspring means your pet has to be provided with all the right support and care during delivery. There will be specific things you will need to ensure the safety of your female dog. One is a whelping box, and the other is a whelping kit.

What is a Whelping Kit, and Why Do You Need it?

A whelping kit provides all the necessary items for the whelping process—such as gloves, alcohol pads, syringes, clasps, injections, and much more. Many whelping kits are available at stores, and you can make your own. However, ensuring that you have all the supplies necessary for the whelping process is crucial for you not to be in a hard spot.

It’s preferable to get a whelping box at least two weeks before the due date of your pet to make sure she feels comfortable and secure in her new place. When you’re getting a whelping box, get a whelping kit with it so that you can be prepared for the arrival of puppies.

Where to Buy the Best Whelping Kit in the UK?

Getting a whelping box and a whelping kit beforehand is great, but getting the best one needs some digging. And if you’re thinking of where to find the best whelping kit in the UK, here is a list of stores you can easily choose from!


You’ve heard of the name before; zone is the biggest online store. It provides numerous options for you to compare which whelping kit will be the best, and you can buy it for a comfortable and safe experience for your female dog. You can get everything you need from here, from full-fledged pet whelping kits to supplies for a pet whelping kit. There are affordable and expensive options as well.

First, you need to see what you require because you might have gotten some items during the pet’s pregnancy, and then you can buy what you need. But Zone is a huge online store, and it might not have specific items needed, specific items that you can only get from a pet shop.


Petnap is a pet brand that provides everything you need for your pets, from their beds to their food or even their toys. It is a leading UK company in the supply of whelping items. They provide whelping kits, which include all the essentials and supplementary items you need for your pet to feel safe and secure during whelping. This whelping kit includes a digital thermometer, feeding kit, alcohol swabs, puppy ID bands, and much more. Buy a whelping kit from Petnap UK and all your worries about forgetting anything will be long forgotten.

Pet Store

Pet store specializes in dog breeding, and they have tried and tested numerous products for breeding. You can easily get a whelping kit from this online store or visit . They provide a wide range of whelping products and whelping kits, all the way from budget whelping kits, which include the basic and necessary items, to classic whelping kits to exclusive and then finally comprehensive whelping kits, which include all that you will ever need to ensure the comfort of your female dog.

Whelping Kit UK

Whelping Kit UK is also one of the biggest online stores. Again, you can find various pet whelping kits at different shops. Consider that these shops might or might not be pet stores, and if there’s international shipping, there’s no guarantee that the products will arrive undamaged. You can also find discounts on products that might help. eBay also whelping boxes, which will help with the whelping process.


Whelp is an online family business that also runs a side business on eBay. They also specialize in whelping products, and their pet whelping kit provides all the necessary items for a safe whelping process. It includes umbilical cord scissors, a hemostat, alcohol prep pads, exam gloves, unwaxed floss and much more. When a store or a place specializes in whelping products, you know they will have everything you need.


LabTech is a laboratory that specialises in Faecal Egg Counts. Faecal Egg Counts is a method which determines the number of internal parasite eggs present at a particular time in a particular sample. It can also determine the different types of parasites and worms present in a wide range of animals. They also provide a pet whelping kit for female dogs. This whelping kit includes a worm kit, which can be used in the 40 to 45 days of pregnancy, a worm kit for post-whelping and a pooled litter puppy kit for 2- 3 weeks of age.

Final Word on Pet Whelping Kit

Whelping is a painful process for female dogs, and caring for the health and comfort of your whelping dog and her offspring is a natural response. Where you need to take care of the comfort and security of your pet, you will need essential items included in a whelping box to make it a smooth process. Many stores offer whelping kits for the whelping process and finding one that will be ideal for your pet can be difficult. You can also visit our website for numerous whelping kits and items and pick the best one to ensure a safe and smooth process. We recommend getting a whelping box two weeks before for your female dog to familiarise herself with the space.