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Petnap Pet Heat Pads

Petnap Pet Heat Pads

Petnap Pet heat pads are different from human heating pads. They are temperature controlled, chew-proof, and made of animal-friendly material. As a pet parent, you must use pet heat pads to keep your pets active and healthy in chilly weather.

You can keep pet heat pads inside the beds or carry baskets or whelp boxes of your pets to increase their comfort and relaxation. Heat pads help them stay warm and cosy and sleep peacefully. Read on to learn more about the amazing heat pads supplied by Petnap to keep your pets healthy and safe.

Why Do Our Pets Need Pet Heat Pads?

Pet parents commonly use pet heat pads to keep their pets warm during cold weather. Apart from that, heat pads are a reliable source for heat therapy that helps young and old pets maintain their body temperature, whether a pet is furry or scally.

Pet heat pads also help reduce the body pain of animals, especially when they suffer from muscle spasms, arthritis, or joint pain. Heat pads also aid in a pet’s recovery post injury or operation. Heat pads also help newborn animals to maintain their body temperature for healthy growth.

Petnap specialises in providing various types of pet heat pads, and you can find varieties of pet heat beds on their website. So whether you need a pet heat pad for a tortoise, cat, or dog, they have the perfect heat pads for your pets.

Types of Pet Heat Pads

You can find the highest-quality pet heat pads in various materials and variety at Petnap. Their pet heat pads are chew-proof, safe, and secure for your pets. Here’s all you need to know about their pet heat pads:

Vinyl Thermal Heat Pads

Petnap Pet heat pads

The vinyl thermal pet heat pad is Petnap’s electrical pet heat pad, perfect for keeping your pets warm. It is made of plastic and vinyl, which is a nonchewable material. If your pets have a habit of chewing, this is the best option.

You can easily control the temperature of this pet heat pad and set it to the temperature that your pet can easily tolerate. You can keep these heat pads in their sleeping bed inside or outside to keep them warm. These pet heating pads are available in four sizes, and you can choose them according to your requirement and needs.

These pet heat pads are ideal for young and nursing mother pets as you can easily maintain the temperature of heating pads according to their needs, and they can remain toasty and warm in cold temperatures. You can easily maintain and use them at your home and car to keep your pet healthy and active in cold weather.

Flexiguard Metallic Pet Heat Pad

Flexiguard Heat Pad

The Flexiguard is Petnap’s electrical pet heat pad. This heat pad is scratch and chew-free. It is a blessing for pet parents whose pets have a habit of scratching and chewing things. Even the cord used in it is chew-free.

The metal used in these heat pads is aluminium, which is safe for your pets and does not harm them. You can order cosicover and these metallic heat pads to protect your pets. The surface of this heating pad gets heated quickly as per the selected temperature to keep your pets warm.

The Flexiguard metallic pet heat pad comes in three different sizes and is ideal for pet homes, pet care centres, and veterinary centres. These pet heat pads instantly relieve your pet’s pain when you keep them on them at the required temperature suggested by the vet. You can use them for your senior pets to give them extra comfort and care on colder days.

Hedgehog Heating System With Vinyl Thermal Petnap Pet Heat Pad

Hedgehog Heating System

Hedgehog Petnap pet heat pads are temperature-controlled pet heat pads specially designed by Petnap for hedgehogs. They come with a manually manageable thermostat and a reliable chew-free vinyl heat pad. Hundreds of customers have purchased this reliable product from Petnap for their hedgehogs and other small pets.

This pet heat pad can maintain its temperature between 20 degrees centigrade to 42degrees centigrade. It comes in the size of 33cm x 44cm with 230v power. It is one of the most famous Petnap pet heat pads in the UK and has been in continuous sale since 1973.

Standard Metal Pad

Petnap Pet heat pads

It is the simplest aluminium-based metal heat mat from Petnap. This is an economical heat pad and can be used indoors and outdoors in your pet’s bed to keep them warm. It is scratch, chew-free, and like other Petnap heat pads, it is ideal for your young to old pets.

You can also purchase an additional thermostat to control the temperature in this heating pad to set the ideal temperature as per your pet’s needs. Continuous heating in this metallic heat pad maintains and improves circulation in your pet’s body, making them more active in the cold season.

Metal pet heat pads are both safe and reasonably priced. They can assist your pet in sleeping and relaxing in case of stress and pain.

Safety Precautions

  • Avoid overheating pet heat pads and monitor their temperature. Always check the temperature of the heat pad mat manually before placing your pets in them.
  • Check the specifications of pet het pads carefully before purchasing them. Always look for a material that is animal-friendly.
  • Look for non-chewable electrical heat pads, as in the case of chewable material, and there is a risk of shock to your pets, so check the material thoroughly before purchasing it.
  • Ensure that the heating cables of your pet heat pads are durable and shockproof to avoid any severe accidents or injury.

Final Words on Petnap pet heat pads

Petnap pet heat pads are useful in keeping your pets warm and cosy. It provides multiple benefits to your pets in every stage of their life. As a pet parent, it is a must item for you to keep your pets healthy and warm. For the best Petnap pet heat pads in the UK, visit Petnap’s website. Petnap delivers the best pet heat pads worldwide.