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Puppy Feeding Tube Kits



Product Description

A range of various size feeding kits

Each Kit Contains the following:

1 x 40cm Feeding Tube – Soft DEHP-PVC Free with special contamination connector.

2 x Matching Syringes to suit tube – Size depends on tube size chosen (see below)

1 x Straw for drawing up – Helps when filling syringes with milk

1 x Syringe connector cap – Helps when storing milk syringes

10 x Tyvec ID Bands

Tube Size Syringe Size Animal Size

4 French (1.33mm) 1ml & 2.5ml Toy Breed & Small Animal

6 French (2.00mm) 5ml & 10ml Med & Large Breed Pups

8 French (2.67mm) 5ml & 10ml Large & Extra Large Breed Pups

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