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Puppy Plastic Whelping Box

Puppy Plastic Whelping Box

Puppy Plastic Whelping Box

Puppy Plastic Whelping Box for when your welcoming a litter of adorable puppies into the world can be one of the most exciting experiences any dog lover can have. However, as a responsible dog owner, your pets’ safety and comfort should always be your top priority. Choosing the right whelping box is one of the most important factors when preparing for the arrival of your beloved dog’s breed.

In this article, we will discuss the three most essential factors to consider when selecting a whelping box for your dog’s breed.

Size of your Puppy Plastic Whelping Box

When choosing a whelping box for your dog, the first factor you should consider is their breed. The size of the dog breed will, in turn, determine the size of the whelping box. For instance, smaller breeds like Yorkies, Pomeranians, or French Bulldogs require small whelping boxes. In contrast, larger breeds like Great Danes or Bernese Mountain Dogs need more significant spaces to give birth comfortably.

As a rule of thumb, the whelping box should be large enough to accommodate the mother, her litter, and a flat-bottomed heating pad. Additionally, you must consider how much space your dog has to move around and reposition while giving birth.

The next aspect to consider is the height of the whelping box. Smaller dogs tend to climb in and out of the whelping box, which means you don’t want a box that’s too high. Medium-sized dogs, on the other hand, may jump in and out of the box, so it would be best to choose a height that’s comfortable for them.

Taller breeds, however, require a more substantial whelping box that’s fitted with a low-sided entry for the dog to step or climb in comfortably. It’s essential to note that the height should be adjusted as the pups grow and start walking around.

The whelping box’s flooring is another crucial consideration. A flat, comfortable surface is best to avoid any injuries or discomfort. Ensure the flooring is slip-proof, absorbent, and easy to clean. In the early stages of the birth cycle, use materials like newspapers, puppy pads, or towels.

Once the puppies arrive, replace it with suitable bedding, like mats or blankets. Keeping the flooring comfortable and well-maintained goes a long way in ensuring the birthing process is successful and hygienic.



Wood is the traditional material used for whelping boxes and is still a popular choice. Wooden boxes are sturdy, durable, and warm, making them ideal for colder climates. Providing a warm environment for the puppies is particularly important for breeds like small terriers or Chihuahuas.

Wooden boxes can be lined with towels and newspapers to make it more comfortable for your pet while also absorbing any moisture. One disadvantage of wood is that it can be difficult to clean and disinfect completely.

Puppy Plastic Whelping Box

Whelping boxes made of plastic are light, easy to move, and less expensive than other materials. Plastic boxes are also simple to clean and disinfect, helping to prevent the spread of infection to your dog and her pups. They are perfect for larger breeds like Labradors as they can be quickly taken apart for storage when not in use.

However, plastic boxes can be colder than wooden boxes, and their odor and texture might not be suitable for your dog. They also tend to last only a few litters before beginning to crack, making them less durable than other materials.


Metal boxes are durable, sturdy, and easy to clean. They are a good investment for long-term use as they can be used for multiple litters. These boxes are ideal for larger breeds that need more room to move around.

Recycled Materials

Choosing recycled materials, such as cardboard and old doghouses, can be economical and eco-friendly. Cardboard can be lined with newspaper and changed frequently during the first few weeks of the puppies’ life. Old doghouses can be cleaned and sterilized to make an ideal whelping box.


Fabric boxes are ideal for smaller breeds like Shih Tzu or Poodles. They are soft, warm, and provide a comfortable environment for your pets. They are also easy to clean and can be thrown in the washing machine.


Add Non-Slip Surface

It’s crucial for the pups to have a gripping surface to move around before they learn to walk. Including a non-slip surface like a rubber mat or puppy padding is recommended. Older dogs and those with medical conditions may also benefit from a non-slip surface. It’s essential to ensure the non-slip surface is easy to clean and will not hold the urine.

Incorporate a Low Entry

When it comes to accessibility, a low entryway is most comfortable for your furry friend and her litter. A standard height of three to four inches is reasonable to allow entry and exit quickly. Also, ensure that the entryway is big enough to let your dog move in and out easily.

Consider the Location of your Puppy Plastic Whelping Box

The location of the whelping box is crucial for accessibility. It’s essential to place the box in an area that is quiet, free from distractions, and easy to clean. Dogs require a comfortable and stress-free environment, and the location can significantly impact their mood.

Provide Comfort and Security

Providing comfort and security to your pregnant dog is fundamental. The box should provide a safe and secure environment for her and her pups to feel safe and relaxed. The box should have comfortable bedding to provide warmth, and a cover can be added to make the box feel more secure.

Shop at Petnap for your Puppy Plastic Whelping Box

Ultimately, selecting the right whelping box for your dog’s breed requires a great deal of research and planning. It’s crucial to think critically about the size, shape, material, and design that will provide optimal comfort and safety for your pup and their litter.

Additionally, you should consider how easily you can clean and transport the box. Choose a product with stellar reviews—such as Petnap—and have peace of mind knowing that your purchase is backed by positive customer experience. Shopping from an established manufacturer will give you access to quality assurance and ongoing customer support if any issues arise during or after installation.

No matter which option you decide on, remember that providing an environment with proper ventilation is essential for the overall safety of your canine family. Shop Petnap today for your next whelping box—ensuring safety, comfort and happiness for your furry companion!