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Puppy Whelping Kits

Puppy Whelping Kits

Puppy Whelping Kits

Puppy Whelping Kits – The birth process isn’t easy, be it for humans or pets. It can involve a lot of cautiousness, care, pain, and struggle. When a female dog, also called a bitch, gives birth, it’s called whelping. Although dog breeders shouldn’t interfere with a whelping bitch, you should be available to offer assistance.

Whether you’re a pet owner or a dog breeder, it’s crucial to have puppy whelping kits to help with the process. Consult your vet for advice, and ensure that your vet is the first person you can call in an emergency.

If your female dog is about to give birth and you’re looking for a DIY whelping kit to assist her with the birth process, here is a 12 supplies checklist for a DIY puppy whelping kit. So, don’t forget any important supplies and ensure a smooth process for wonderful puppies coming.

You will need to take care of a few things before your pet’s birth: your vet’s number on speed dial, any vehicle available, and a friend to help you in case of any emergency.

Whelping Box

A whelping box is on top of the list; it’s made with suitable materials for your pet to adjust and give birth in easily. Make sure to get one of good quality, as there are many expensive ones out there, so get one that provides good quality at a good price.

Whelping Heat Mat

A whelping mat is what you cover the base of your whelping box with. You can use towels or blankets, but it’s good to have one that keeps the surface warm, such as a pet heating pad. It is an electric device connected to a thick cloth to warm the whelping pet and her puppies. Furthermore, as puppies cannot control their temperature, get a heat lamp to keep them warm. Also, ensure they don’t get too hot, maintaining an ideal temperature for them.

Precision Scale or Puppy Scales come in many Puppy Whelping Kits

It’s advisable to keep track of the weight of puppies. All puppies follow developmental standards and achieve some milestones. Knowing your puppies have healthy growth is important. For this, it’s best to measure their weight daily and keep track of it. You can also consult your vet to know the normal weight of the puppies. Get a precision scale or a puppy (baby) scale for this.

Thermometer & Vaseline

You’ll need to start taking the whelping dog’s temperature approximately 10 to 14 days before her due date. If the temperature drops to 98 or 99 degrees, you’ll know it’s time for delivery.

Puppies cannot control their body temperature, so you’ll need to keep track of their body temperatures. Taking temperature will also help let them know whether the room is too hot or too cold. Vaseline will help in two ways: first, it can help in case any of the puppies get stuck, and second, it will help take the rectal temperature. Keep a notepad and pen specifically for taking temperature.

Aspiration Bulb

Aspiration bulbs will help suction the puppy’s nose, mouth, and throat. It will clear out the airways to help them start breathing.

Medical Scissors & Hemostat Clamp or Forceps

Medical scissors or round-tipped scissors will be needed to cut the umbilical cord of one or more puppies. Hemostat is a kind of surgical tool usually used to control excessive bleeding. You might need to clamp the umbilical cord after cutting it and keep it secured for several minutes to stop bleeding.

Unwaxed Dental Floss

After cutting the umbilical cord and then clamping it using the hemostatic clamp to reduce the bleeding, you may need to tie the umbilical cord, and for this, unwaxed dental floss would be ideal.

Surgical Gloves & Lubricants

Do not attempt to handle the puppies with bare hands. You might pass on your germs or bacteria to them, and as puppies are still developing their immunity, you don’t want them to get sick. You should be available to supervise the female dog giving birth, but if anything requires your intervention, use gloves to be as clean and sterile as possible.

Sterile Syringes (Disposable)

Always have disposable sterile syringes available for your puppies. They might not feel so great or feel too weak to walk. To help with this, get syringes for feeding them fluids in their mouth. The fluid can be feeding, medication, nutritional supplementation, or even a regular injection.

Ribbons – for Puppy Identification

If there are many puppies, mixing them up is possible. To help with identification, getting tags, ribbons, or ID bands for your puppy as soon as your female dog gives birth is a great idea. Do not attempt to tie it to their neck as they are fragile. Tie it around her tail or foot.

Milk Substitute for Puppies

Sometimes, there are a few issues due to which a pup cannot have milk-feed. In order to ensure they do not starve, make sure to have a milk substitute that you can provide through a syringe or preemie bottles. You can also ask your vet for suggestions.

Cleaning Products

You’ll need to keep the whelping area disinfected at all times. Here is a list of cleaning chemicals and products you’ll need.

Alcohol Prep Pads- use these to clean the scissors and the hemostat after each use.

Antibacterial Handwipes- keep the place clean and keep yourself clean.

Receiving Cloth- for gripping and drying each pup.

Paper Towels- the most basic and necessary item on the list!

Pee Pads- use them to keep it under the whelping dog and keep the whelping area as clean as possible.

Hand Sanitizer- stay sanitized at all times, during their birth, till they grow well.

Garbage can- you’ll need one for easy disposal of gloves, paper towels, and more.

Exam Gloves- use different disposable gloves for each puppy to ensure no germs move on to the next.

Final Word on Puppy Whelping Kits

Ensuring cleanliness and having all supplies necessary for birth is essential for a whelping dog for a smooth delivery process. Give the puppies a warm welcome with our puppy whelping kits, which consists of essential supplies. You can also visit our websitefor a wide range of pet products to have the best time with your pups and their mom.