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Pygmy Hedgehog Heater Pad

Pygmy Hedgehog Heater Pad

Pygmy Hedgehog Heater Pad

Pygmy Hedgehog Heater is perfect when its that time of year again, the temperatures are up and down. One day its frosty and the next its bright sun and mild. Hedgehogs normally hibernate through the colder months. However with changes in the climate there can often be the patter of hedgehog feet in the garden earlier spring. Chances are the weather will quickly change again and you may need to help the stranded, confused hedgehog. But how do you keep him warm and dry? 

Petnap offer heat pads which are ideal for use as hedgehog heat pads. Suitable for use at home, in a veterinary surgery or in outdoor rescue runs. Vinyl heat pads would not be the first choice in case the hedgehog chews the bed. However the Flexiguard Heat Pad from Petnap is ideal for cats, dogs and rescue wildlife – a perfect hedgehog heat pads

Available in three different sizes and powered by mains electricity, the Flexiguard Heat Pad can be left on continuously at a minimal running cost – less than 1p per day! Manufactured to high standards from aluminium to effectively conduct heat, the pad should be covered with a specially designed Cosi Cover from Petnap, never a cushion or blanket. The Cosi Cover is the ideal thickness to ensure the even spread of warmth across the Flexiguard Heat Pad. 

When ordering your heat pad, don’t forget to add to your order a litter tray. Also litter, a feeding kit and milk replacement – all essential items to have handy for rescue hedgehogs
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