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Raised Pet Beds

8 Reasons to Get a Raised Pet Bed for Your Dog

Raised Pet Bed

Raised Pet Beds , a lot of people think that raised dog beds are for older or injured dogs with mobility issues. But the fact is that the elevated design of a raised pet bed offers a lot of benefits to all sorts of dogs.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why an elevated pet bed is a great option for you.

Great for Outdoor Use

One of the best parts of having a raised bed is that it is ideal for outdoor use. It can help keep your canine companion out of the wet grass, mud, and puddle, which means less work keeping your dog clean.

A dog will spend 80 percent of its life lying down, depending on their age, so they shouldn’t always have to sleep on a cold, hard, or damp ground. Keeping a pet bed outside can keep your dogs off the floor, which is beneficial for their health as well.

Raised Pet Beds Help Regulate Temperature

A raised pet bed allows air to circulate around the bed. This ensures that the area around the bed will have a steadier and more comfortable temperature for your dog.

Just imagine if your dog’s bed was on the floor. In winter, the floor can become quite chilly; plus, if you have tiled floors, it can be hard on your dog’s body to sleep there. During the summer season, the air is hot and stuffy. Because of the space beneath a dog bed, your pet will enjoy better ventilation and airflow and will keep cool, more so than if he were reclining on a warm floor.

Raised Pet Beds Offer Mobility Aid

A raised bed is an excellent choice for infirm or older dogs who have been injured or who suffer from chronic health issues, like spinal injuries, arthritis, and hip and knee dysplasia. A raised bed offers orthopedic support to your pet’s entire body and reduces the pressure on their joints, decreasing discomfort and pain. In fact, different varieties of raised beds are available for your dogs, some of which come with coiled springs and mattresses to offer better support. These may be a good choice for large dog breeds.

Dogs with arthritis and mobility issues can also benefit from raised pet beds since the bed makes it easier for them to change positions and lower and raise their body when they are getting up or lying down.

Offers Portability

People who have larger breeds of dogs will know the pains of transporting their pet’s large and fluffy floor beds from one place to another. It can be difficult to take dog beds when traveling with you as well. However, a raised dog bed does not have plush mattresses or bedding and is lightweight, which makes it easy to take from one room to another. Since it also has a low and compact profile, it is also easy to pack in a car and take with you on trips.

As such, a raised bed is a great investment if you want your dogs to have the familiar comfort of home while you are traveling.

Reduces Allergies

A raised pet bed allows dog hairs and mud on his coat to fall off the sides of the bed. This ensures that your canine companion isn’t lying in a bed of its own hair, which is particularly helpful if your pooch has allergies. The airflow around the raised bed will also help to blow away any allergens like pollen, fleas, and mites from the dog. Any allergen that falls to the floor can easily be vacuumed away.


Even if you wash your dog’s bed cover frequently, it might not be possible to get all the allergens out of the plush stuffing. On the other hand, a raised bed does not have any stuffing so pollens and dust mites won’t find their home there. In addition, they will also not find a warm and moist dwelling in between your dog’s bedding and the carpet since the space beneath a raised pet bed is open, which will prevent them from growing. This allows your dog to live an itch-free and comfortable life.

Eliminates Stuffing to Chew

Dogs are very inquisitive creatures and love to explore anything that they encounter. One of their favorite habits is to shred their soft and plush bedding into pieces and scatter it all over the house. There have also been cases where a dog has swallowed a piece of fabric or bedding, blocking his airway or digestive tract and necessitating an emergency trip to the vet.

However, a raised pet bed does not have a lot of stuffing in it, if any. So if your dog is a natural explorer and loves to bite, chew, and dig at everything he sees, then a raised pet bed may be a wonderful solution for him.

Low Maintenance

One of the best things about raised pet beds, particularly for pet parents, is they keep clean and are easy to clean. If the people in your family have allergies, a raised pet bed may be a solution to their problems.

Raised pet beds do not have stuffing and can be cleaned as easily as just wiping them down. Plus, most raised beds are made of water-resistant material, so you can easily hose them off, and they will dry quickly.

Hence, these are a great choice for outdoor pet beds.

More Restful Sleep Created by Raised Pet Beds

If your dog likes to jump into bed with you, then you should consider getting a raised bed for them. Your dog will feel more comfortable reclining on a raised bed as he won’t have to deal with a cold, hard floor when sleeping. Plus, this is a more comfortable sleeping arrangement for older dogs with mobility issues.

A raised bed will also provide a lot of benefits for you, as well as you will have more space to sleep on your bed, and your bedding will be free from dog hair, which can be a nuisance to clean.

Bottom Line on Raised Pet Beds

A raised pet bed can be a great investment for dogs of all sizes since they give a range of benefits for not just your dog, but your entire family as well. If you are looking to buy a high-quality raised pet bed for your dog, Petnap has an excellent collection for you.