Pet heating pads types and their uses

Different types of Pet heating pads A Pet heating pads is very useful when you are suffering from cramps or aches. The heat therapy that the pads delivers make you feel comfortable and provide relief from pain. Your dogs and other pets also suffer from aches and pain, but they can’t tell you about their […]

Dog Heated Beds

Dog Heated Beds Dog Heated Beds from Petnap Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new and unique range of heated dog and cat beds. All Petnap beds feature a internal heat pad in the base which regulates itself. This offers heat to approximately 40°c the optimal safe temperature for your pet. […]

Pet Heated bed

Petnap Pet Heated bed Pet Heated bed from Petnap. We understand customers are concerned about keeping their beloved pets warm this winter. Petnap has a genius range of new heated dog beds that will with out doubt keep your pet lovely and perfectly warm all year round. Offering max comfort for your dog or cat. […]

Heated Bedding

With the terrible winter from a few years ago still firmly planted in the memory, the threat of another is enough to send chills down anyone’s spine. There is not a lot we can do to change the weather but at the very least we can do is ensure we are prepared. For those of us with pets, this is especially true as we want to make sure that they aren’t excluded from making sure the home is protected from the elements