Puppy Heated Pet Beds To Keep Your Puppy Warm this Winter

Puppy Heated Pet Beds     Puppy Heated Pet Beds are great items for your pet. Many people think dogs are resistant to cold weather because of their fur. Contrary to popular belief, dogs get cold just like humans and are vulnerable to hypothermia and frostbite should temperatures go below freezing. This risk of dogs […]

Heated Cat Beds 8 Most Popular Cat Breeds In The UK 2022

8 Most Popular Cat Breeds In The UK 2022 A heated cat beds is a must it’s no secret that cats are some of the most popular pets in the world. In fact, millions of cats live in households in the UK alone, each with a unique personality. While all cats are lovable, some breeds […]

What Makes a Good Heated Dog Bed?

What Makes a Good heated Dog Bed? Dogs make great pets. They are loyal, loving and always happy to see you. But what about when you’re not at home? What’s your dog doing then? Chances are, they are sleeping on your bed. And that can be a problem because dogs can get really dirty, and […]

Heated Dog Beds, Can Dogs Feel the Cold

Can Dogs Feel Cold & Do they need Heated Dog Beds     The History: The dog is a direct descendant of the wolf, and wolves not only survive, but thrive in colder climates. So, what about our pet pups? Well in all cases wolves or dogs they need heat especially when young. A heated […]

Dog Beds – Whats the best type?

Best Type of Dog Beds   There are many benefits to having beds for your dog. Most importantly, your dog has a designated spot where it can relax and feel at ease. It is also great for pet owners since it keeps hair that is shed and odours contained in one place. Dogs also have […]

Heated Cat Beds for your Cat or Dog

Heated Cat Beds Heated Cat Beds in the winter chilly months can be essential especially as these months tend to be uncomfortable for cats and pets alike, especially those breeds with thin to little fur or those completely hairless breeds such as Sphynx. One way of keeping your cats warm and cosy, could be to […]