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Toys for Pets

Dog and Cat Toys

Toys for Pets

Toys for Pets if you have a pet dog or a cat, pets require some toys for entertainment. However, finding fun yet safe toys can be tricky when there are so many options to choose from. Some dogs like to fetch, some like chewing toys, some like puzzles and more. Similarly, some cats like to run around the house, some play with yarn balls and some like climbing cat posts. You will have to take note of a few considerations in order to choose the best and safest toys for your pets. Here is a guide to help through it!

Observe Your Pet

Observe your pet first and see what they enjoy most, how they interact with you and their preferences, and you will get to know a lot through it. It will help you figure out what kind of toys will work best for you.

Next, you will need to check what the toy is made of and whether it has harmful chemicals, as pets like to chew on toys. Brightly dyed fabrics might have toxic chemicals in them. Study all the labels to ensure your pet’s safety. You can even visit the vet to have more ideas.

Different Types of Pet Toys

There is a wide variety of toys at the store. The following are the major categories of pet toys:

Tug Toys:

Many dogs love playing tug-of-war with their owners and their pals. When getting this toy, ensure the material is indestructible so it doesn’t tear into pieces. It’s excellent for well-trained dogs, so if they have a firm grip on the toy, commands like “drop it” or “put it down” work well for them. You wouldn’t want to snatch it as it might damage their teeth.


There are many kinds of balls, such as rubber, tennis, yarn, foam, and even plush balls. Each has unique characteristics; your pet would love to play with it and chew on it! But, there is a warning. You will need to find the correct size and material of the ball, as small balls could create a choking hazard, and big balls could hurt the pets. Playing with different kinds of balls is a beautiful way to bond with your pet.

Plush Toys:

Plush toys are super soft and give warmth to your pets. Although many cats love playing with cat toys and dogs love these toys too, they are a bit unsafe as they can be easily pulled apart by force and can be ingested, which can be hazardous to your pet. Train your cats and dogs, so they identify which toys are theirs and which ones belong to a member. Always supervise your pets playing. Safety always comes first.

Chewables and Treats:

Pets can chew on anything. However, there are some specific toys made for chewing. They are usually made from hard rubber material or nylon and are made to last. Some of these can be long-lasting entertainment for your pets when training, while others can be easily just their treats.

In addition, these chewable must be soft enough, so they don’t damage your pet’s teeth, and must be durable enough and not fragile enough to break down. You will need to keep this as a consideration that as your pet grows, you will need to change the size and sometimes the toy’s material. Keep your pets active!

How To Pick The Best And Safest Toy For Your Pet

Here are a few factors to consider to pick the best and safest toy for your pet:

  1. Age and Size of Your Pet

Your pets keep growing, and as they grow, they will need different toys for their age. For example, pups would love a soft chewable toy that helps them chew, and an adult dog would love a bit harder chewable toy as their teeth have matured. Small toys for adult pets might create choking hazards, so get the right size for the right age!

  1. Indestructible is Safer

Even for pets that have a good time aggressively chewing on toys or have a habit of playing rough, getting a suitable toy material is best. Indestructible material is much better, but you have to be sure it is not too hard and doesn’t have sharp edges, as it can hurt vulnerable areas like the eyes or paws. Make sure to discard the toy if it’s broken or damaged.

  1. Be Cautious of Choking Hazards

Numerous choking accidents among pets are common; it’s best to know and have the right environment and toys for your pets. To avoid stomach obstruction, get the right size for your pet, large enough so they cannot swallow and small enough so they cannot ingest it easily. Most pets play with their paws and mouth; they chew on the toy, so check the toy’s material.

  1. Soft and Squeaky Dog Toys

It’s safe to say that soft and squeaky toys are best for gentler dogs who don’t play aggressively. But if you have a pet that plays aggressively with a squeaky toy, they would want to rip it apart to find the source, so it’s always recommended to let them play with these toys “under supervision” only.

  1. Toxins in the Toys

Avoid toys with a pungent smell and bright fabrics, as they might have toxic chemicals. Research the toys beforehand and always check the label. Some toys have aromatherapy or other herbal remedies, and many animals are sensitive to numerous plants and herbs.

  1. Choose Toys that Match Your Pet’s Personality

Just like humans, pets have distinct personality traits as well. Getting toys based on their personality, temperament, and nature would be the best choice, enabling them to have fun to the fullest. Some pets like to chew, some like to play with puzzles, and some like to run around. Again, observe your pet and get toys that match their play style and personality. It will also keep them fit and healthy.

  1. Variety is the Spice of Life

Pets also get bored if they only have one toy to play with; add newer toys to your pet’s cart for variety. There can be daily toys, toys as special treats and more. If your pet has a special toy they are much attached to, it’s best to let them keep it themselves.

  1. Rawhide is a Big No

Any material with rawhide is not suggested ever. It can start breaking apart when it becomes too soft, which might become a problem. Plus, numerous rawhides are byproducts of the international fur trade, which is cruel. Hence, it’s best to consider alternatives made of hard rubber that last longer.

Final Word on Toys for Pets, Cat Toys, Dog Toys

Pet toys are a fantastic way to keep your pets healthy, occupied and never out of fun. Consider the above factors for finding the perfect and safest toy for your pet! Safety comes first!

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