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Travelling With Pets

Travelling With Pets

Travelling With Pets

Travelling With Pets when you looking forward to heading out on a road trip this year? If so, you are at the right place.

Many travellers in the US today opt to include their pets in their vacation plans. Bringing a pet along with you on a trip doubles the fun you get to experience. But you need to prepared  to make the adventure with your four-legged pet a memorable one.

Here are 8 tips to plan the perfect trip with your pet.

1. Create a Travel Checklist when you are Travelling With Pets

Your planning for the trip with your pet should start with a checklist. Make a list of all items your pet will require during the trip. You should include treats and a special diet required for the pet. A roll-up pet bed is also recommended as it will bring a sense of comfort to your pet.

You should bring an extra collar and leash with you. The checklist should also contain a collapsible bowl for feeding your pet cat or dog. Some other items you should bring with you include medications, potty bags and pads, a soft muzzle, a jacket or sweater, and protective footwear.

2. Consider a Pet-Friendly Camper Van

Consider a camper van rental to enjoy a trip outdoors.  A camper van has a large space for all the things required for the road trip. You can book a personalised road through iNDiE Campers in the UK.

The best thing about a rental camper van service is that it has a large space at the back. You can pack all your belongings including your pet. The van also comes with an internal bathroom and hot shower for you and your pet!

3.  Know About Pet-Friendly Locations when Travelling With Pets

You should search for pet-friendly locations for an overnight stay. When searching for a hotel, you should ask about deposits and fees for a pet. Make sure that the pet deposit is refundable.

It’s important to remember that certain pet breeds such as Rottweilers, pit bulls, and bulldogs are not allowed at campsites. You should learn about the restrictions before embarking on the journey.

Find out about breed-specific regulations in your area. Call the hotel to ask about pet breed restrictions. You should also enquire about pet weight restrictions.

4. Track Your Pet

You should have your pet tagged before taking your pet with you on a vacation. Various companies allow you to install microchips inside your pet that will let you find your pet gets lost. You must take your pet to the vet to install the ID chip.

Make sure that the microchip is properly registered. The registration information will have to be updated if your contact information or address has changed. You will be fined for not microchipping your pet in the UK.

GPS trackers are also recommended for the pet. The tracker attaches to the collar of the pet. You can locate your pet if lost during the trip outdoors using your smartphone.

5. Take Safety Precautions

Taking safety precautions is important when planning a trip with your pet. You should buckle the pet harness to the seat belts. Secure your pet in a carrier or crate. You can also secure your pet in a booster seat.

Make sure that your pet’s head is kept inside the car. This is important to avoid eye or head injury when the car is moving. Even a small object will hit like a projectile when the car is moving at a high speed.

6. Plan for Frequent Stops when Travelling With Pets

A common mistake people make when going on a trip with their pet pal is trying to include too many activities. It is important to account for frequent stops during the trip.

Pet dogs and cats need to pee after every four to five hours.  You should plan frequent potty breaks during the trip. Your pet will also appreciate a little walk along the way.

7. Plan for Emergencies

You should also be prepared for any emergencies during the trip.

The weather may turn bad during the trip. The hotel reservation may also get cancelled. You must prepare for any eventuality before embarking on the journey.

Consider having a backup plan if things go sideways during the trip. Be flexible when planning a trip with your pet. You may have to strike down certain activities as the situation demands

8. Is Your Pet Ready for Travel?

Ask yourself whether your pet is ready for a road trip. Traveling in a car will require your furry friend to remain holed up inside the car for hours. So, make sure that the pet is trained to sit still for long hours. Your pet should be able to follow basic commands and behave around people.

You should take your pet to a vet before the road trip. A pre-trip pet check-up will let you know if your furry friend is fit for the long trip.

Also, your pet must be vaccinated before the journey. You should have the vaccination records with you as you might be required to show them before allowing entry at certain locations. You should also have a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) with you if your road trip extends state borders.

Conclusion on Travelling With Pets

Start slow when it comes to a road trip with your pet. Don’t go for a cross-country vacation the first time around. Consider short trips such as a visit to a pet-friendly eatery located nearby. As your pet learns to remain still in the car, you can extend the duration of the trip.

You must also make sure to pack your favourite supplements and toys for your pet. Also, you need to take the pet accessories such as bedding and litter box with you for a road trip across the country side in the UK.

Proper planning for a road trip will allow you to enjoy a memorable time with your pet. The above tips will jump-start your pet’s travel journey allowing you to have a safe and hassle-free journey.