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Whelping Box Size

Whelping box size

Whelping box size

Whelping box size is the most considered point – If you are buying a whelping box for a Chihuahua, size is perhaps the most important factor to consider. And this can vary depending on your dog’s breed. Besides this, there are also other considerations to take into account.

Breeding dogs, specifically Chihuahuas, takes work due to their small size. However, owners may find the whelping process easier and more manageable with a whelping box. This guide will discuss some of the essential whelping box tips and what size is ideal for a Chihuahua.

Whelping Box Size for a Chihuahua

When your female Chihuahua is pregnant and her delivery date comes closer, she will start looking for the ideal spot to give birth. If you don’t want her giving birth in a random spot in your house, and if you want to ensure your dog and her puppies’ safety, you should get a whelping box.

A whelping box is a space designed for female dogs to give birth and look after their puppies until they are a couple of weeks old. This space should be comfortable, have sturdy and high walls to prevent puppies from escaping, and be made of a suitable material.

However, the most critical thing the whelping box needs to be is the appropriate size. If it is not, it may cause various issues for your female dog. It might even put her and her puppies’ health at risk.

Chihuahuas are small breeds, so the right whelping box size for them would be small. For example, a 24” x 24” would suffice. A whelping box that is too big for your Chihuahua will give her too much space, and she may not be able to reach all of her puppies. These puppies need their mother’s warmth, especially right after birth.

Therefore, your Chihuahua should have enough space to be in close proximity to her puppies. However, at the same time, the whelping box should also not be too small. This might be too uncomfortable for your female dog, and there is a risk of the mother sitting on the puppies and crushing them.

All in all, a whelping box should be big enough to accommodate your Chihuahua’s puppies and be in close proximity to them. However, it should not be too small either, as your dog needs to move around and stretch, especially while giving birth.

So, how can you determine the ideal size for your Chihuahua? There are specific steps you can take, which include the following:

Measuring Your Chihuahua

The boundaries of the whelping box should ideally be a couple of inches more in at least one direction than the size of your dog. Hence, you should measure your dog, add a few inches to that number, and then get the size of the whelping box. For example, if your Chihuahua has a length of 13”, then you should add a couple of more inches to this and get a whelping box that is 20” to 24” in length.

The best way to measure your dog is to use a measuring tape and start from the tip of its nose to the base of its tail. You should do this when your female dog is lying down and has her body stretched out.

The Average Litter Size

While it may be challenging to determine the exact number of the litter, you can still get an estimate. On average, Chihuahuas give birth to one to two puppies. Therefore, they don’t have a large litter size. This is an essential consideration because the litter size also determines the size of the whelping box.

A dog with a large litter size will need more space. However, since Chihuahuas give birth to only a few puppies, they don’t necessarily need a large whelping box. As a result, a box designed for small puppies would be perfect for her.

Whelping Box Tips

Once you have the size figured out for your Chihuahua, there are other tips you need to keep in mind when purchasing a whelping box. Take a look at them:

The Material of the Whelping Box

Whelping boxes come in an array of materials, including plastic, wood, steel, and cardboard. Depending on the temperament of your Chihuahua, you can choose a suitable material. For example, these little dogs love to chew things, so you should get a more durable material like steel or plastic.

Petnap has an excellent variety of high-quality plastic whelping boxes of varying sizes that you can consider. Cardboard may not be the best choice, especially if you plan to reuse the whelping box. This is because of the absorbency of the material. As a result, blood or urine may seep into the cardboard.

Whelping Box Lining

Another whelping box tip to follow is to line the box with blankets, towels, or newspaper. You should always line the box to comfort your Chihuahua and protect her babies. When puppies are born, they need warmth. This is why having a warm surface is critical when ensuring a safe whelping process for your pet.

Consider using newspapers and paper towels, as you will need to change them daily to ensure cleanliness and sanitation. For these reasons, a plastic or steel whelping box would be a good idea since you can just clean the surface using a cloth.

The Opening of the Whelping Box

This area of the whelping box should include a step to ensure the safety of the puppies. When there is a step, the female Chihuahua can leave and enter easily whenever she wants. Moreover, it also prevents the puppies from escaping.

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