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Whelping Information

Whelping Information

Whelping Information

Whelping Information for when the time comes to breed or whelp your dog. Breeding or Whelping as its officially known can be a scary time and lots of though has to be put into it to ensure you are successful.

Here at Petnap we have been supplying and selling whelping equipment, such as whelping boxes and kits for many years in fact we started in 1973 so very nearly 50 years at the time of writing this.

There is lots of information online about whelping mostly good. However we have hand selected a few articles that stand out as being very informative. These will certainly steer you in the right direction.

Please click the following link.  WHELPING

Knowning the basics is certainly going to put you in good sted. Many people going into breeding with little or no knowledge of the what is required. This could be devastating for you and you pet. Knowing what equipment and items are required will help you understand the complexity of breeding. There is a vast amount of items available on the market some may never be needed. However there is certainly some that we would suggest are an absolute necessity like a whelping box and heat pad too name only 2.